Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not in our name

Crown prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran has a new op-ed piece in the Newsweek magazine:
    "It is essential, therefore, not to confuse Iran with the clerical dictatorship. The cult of death and superstition that personifies the Islamic Republic has not conquered the spirit of our nation, especially its women and youth, who make up some 70 percent of the population."
Indeed, Iran is not the mullahs and mullahs are not Iran. The vast majority of us, Iranians, want the Islamonazis, occupying our homeland, to go away forever. We want to be part of this global process of democratization, trade and humanity. People of my motherland are hostages in the hands of these religious maniacs who wouldn't hesitate to kill, murder and destroy. We're hostages to these natural born killers... We, like any one else in this world, would like to be free and live our lives.


saggezard said...

Long live Iran under the noble Pahlavi dynasty.

Bardia said...

پایدار و پیروز باشد این فرزند نکو و دانای سرزمینم

chester said...

I wish people wouldn't confuse the reformists with those who truly want complete regime change.

chester said...

In other words, stop giving a platform to the phonies in this country and elsewhere.