Monday, December 17, 2007

It's a myth

I do believe now that Global Warming is just a myth... it snowed a lot here, just like it used to.


saggezard said...

According to my oceanographer friend global warming is true and has been scientifically measured, in fact he pointed out another disturbing thing called Global Dimming which makes perfect sense when he explained it and this phenomena was first measured by agricultural engineers thirty years ago. Not that anyone is to blame.

Anonymous said...

Winston Jan,

We suffered while shoveled and at the end we had the drive way cleared from that mount of white-powdery delight. Ontario sure looks charming in white.

Don said...

Are you being sarcastic?

The Pentagon believes global warming is a national security risk. Global warming forced NORAD to close several radar stations built on permafrost.

Kafir said...


Global warming is not about how much it snows in a particular year, it is about average temperatures moving up over a span of a century. The Earth may very well be warming, but I doubt that mankind has anything to do with it. I believe it is natural for our planet to periodically warm and cool.

Reasonable Rightist said...

Global warming is real, whether you like it or not. The earth has been warming at a CONSTANT rate since the begining of the industrial revolution. Of course, what they don't like to mention is that it had been warming at about the same constant rate centuries BEFORE the industrial revolution, possibly for milenia. (To be fair, the industrial revolution was about when they started taking global temperature statistics.)Whether there is a human component is still debatable, at best.

Even if we accept a human component it does not justify the way politicans are treating it. Fear-mongers such as Gore are exadgerating it out of proportion with "documenturaries" which mix truth, statistics out of context, and simple lies. (To be fair, movie award judges and educators who don't realize how biased these are certainly don't help the situation.) Once people realize this, it will make it harder to fix any really iminent environmental crisises in the future.

On a last point, even the theory that human-caused global warming is iminent isn't a "myth." A "myth" is not somthign inccorect; it is somthing incorect that is based on flawed or misinformed logic or has been proven incorect beyond a reasonable doubt.

Still, even assuming the worse, even if gore was right, politicans are going about it the wrong way. It is certainly not in the interest of the world's businesses for everyone to die, and theres much money in the green-inventions business. If it needs to do anything, the government should nudge this along with some reasonable enviro-taxing.

To sum it up: Global warming is not a myth by any means, but this does not mean we should turn into crazy carbon-cappin' tree-huggers.

-Reasonable Rightist

PS my apologies for spelling/grammar mistakes; they really should have a spellchecker in these comment things!