Monday, December 17, 2007

Latino-Islamic Terror

Iranian regime is making a new front against the US in Latin America via Nicaragua. They have had a good relation with the dictator of Venezuela, Chavez and they've been in good contact with the Bolivian idiot in chief Morales. Needless to say wherever the regime has gone, from Balkans to South America, terrorism has followed suit.

Iranian embassies and diplomatic missions around the world are not just diplomatic centers. They're evil places run, mostly, by the former IRGC officers currently disguised as diplomats that keep an eye on the Iranian immigrants, opposition groups and anti-regime institutions as well as trying to obtain weapons for the mullahs and recruit future terrorists. That's how incidents like Berlin's Mykonos murder, Bombing of the Jewish center in Argentina or crisis after crisis in Lebanon...etc can happen. Iranian regime sponsors Terrorism around the world and these religious freaks must be the main source of concern for any sane person that might be worried about the peace and stability around the world.

It doesn't matter if you're a hardcore liberal, socialist, a conservative, a Jew or a Christian or even an tree-hugging-green-voting vegetarian environmentalist, this regime is against any thing you are or you believe in. The Islamic regime of Iran is against homosexuals, against women's and children's rights, and it is not doing any thing to protect the rich environment of the country, it jails its own people who may question its legitimacy, it kills dissidents who publish stuff against the regime's system of beliefs. How on earth can a sane person of any creed, belief or ethnicity defend this regime? Join us in our struggle against this regime for your own sake. How can any one claim to be a moral person and close his/her eyes on the crimes committed by the Iranian government?

It's undeniable that the Islamic regime of Iran is creating chaos and instability around the planet. If this new Iranian threat in Latin America in not checked right now, we can expect more disasters in that region and more death and destruction to follow. Nicaragua or Bolivia may have no diplomatic or commercial importance for the mullahs except that they can use their embassies there to train terrorist and use them as platforms to launch attacks against the United States which has a freaking open and undefended border with Mexico. Thousands of illegal aliens pour into the States through that fenceless border and one of them can be an Iranian trained terrorist willing to kill thousands of innocent Americans and make another 9/11.

The only way to stop this cycle of terror, violence and needless bloodshed, here and there on this planet, is to put an end to the Iranian regime and this is not going to happen as long as people don't want to understand the gravity of the threat posed by the mullahs. It won't happen as long as the "Regime Change" policy is not implemented and performed. Regime change might be a far fetched idea now but it is up to us, concerned citizens, to do it. It's up to us to support the endless struggle of the people of Iran to bring down the religious maniacs in Tehran.

The US and other concerned western governments like Canada, UK & France can check the Iranian threat outside of its borders while helping to empower those who live inside of Iran through any possible means. This can be the only way out of this deadlock. "Regime Change" is the only way out of this situation. No negotiation, no grand bargain and no commercial incentives can talk these mullahs out of their dream to destroy the world and build their own universal Islamic government.

Help put an end to this crazy regime before it's too late!


chester said...

I wish the people in positions of power were listening.

saggezard said...

One thing about Hugo Chavez is clear to me, look at his intense body language and his often irrational outbursts and explosive behavior, if you ever knew anyone who had a cocaine dependency you would realize that these are the signs and symptoms. I wonder if the availability of cocaine and crack in Iran is related to Iran's close ties to Venezuela's Chavez.

Twoshorties said...

Winston Jan,

Justice will prevail over Mullah's tyranny, with the HELP OF IRANIANS. This is the Time, we were all waiting for!

Jungle Mom said...

Having lived in Venezuela for 20 years until a few months ago, I can only tell you that the Iranian incursion there is unbelievable!!!

Reasonable Rightist said...

I ame a pro-Israel republican who hates the Iranian regime and ain't exactly a Chavez fan either.

However, Chavez is NOT a dictator. He was democraticly elected, and as foolish as that decision may be, we need to recognize this. (Same goes for President Abbas, the Hamas government of Gaze [although thier complete takeover wasn't democratic], and believe it or not, lower-level positions in the government of iran. [even Ajmadinijad was elected through popular vote, although the mroe powerful and not-elected mullas decided who was alowed to run against him]) While this does not give him very much moral credibility, it is importand to recognize this fact. Even getting that detail wrong hurts your credibility, and makes people dismiss you as someone who doesn't know what they are talking about even though you do.
It is a myth that resonable people are always elected in a democracy, and assuming somebody is a dictatory just because they are an a-hole is a mistake that makes people dismiss the arguments about why they are an a-hole.


Reasonable Rightist

PS While we are on the subject, it is importand to note that Chavez's failed amendments to the constitution were not undemocratic either; they eliminated term limits, but they still required him to be re-elected to stay in power, and he tried to enact them through a democratic proccess, and excepted his failure.

saggezard said...

Reasonable Rightist, Chavez takes people's property away in Venezuela and gives it to his relatives, that makes him a dictator. When someone tricks and abuses the system to achieve power that does not make him a democratically elected official even if he was popularly elected, that is what defines a demagogue. A demagogue should not be confused with a democratically elected, lawfully behaving official, there is a huge difference. Ahmadinejad was hand picked and the votes were fixed to show him winning in a landslide, same as it has always been with elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Therefor it is the new wave of governance and electorate systems that are having credibility and legitimacy problems. Today if there were a truly free election held in such countries would you believe the current ruling systems would have any chance of winning?

Jungle Mom said...

My children are Venezuelan citizens. MY 20 year old son can not get a Venezuelan passport because, "He is white, he looks like opposition!" Those are the words. Yes, Chavez won his election, as did Hitler, was Hitler a dictator?
If you do not vote for the regime, you are on the list, which is made public. You lose jobs, your kids can not go to university, you do not get treated in the hospital...
all very democratic!!!

Chester said...

jungle mom - Thanks for your comments.
"If you do not vote for the regime, you are on the list, which is made public. You lose jobs, your kids can not go to university, you do not get treated in the hospital..." Similar consequences as in Iran.

People like Reasonable Rightist have NO idea what goes on in dictatorships. They're totally ignorant.

Santa said...


If regime change is to happen in Iran, it has to happen at the hands of the under 30 years old crowd in Iran. The US cannot effect the regime change as the US always ends up as the bad guy when trying their hand at replacing one ruler for usually an equally distasteful ruler (cf. the Shah of Iran). Not being from the country in question, the US usually has historically bad judgement in such matters like when we almost installed Chalhabi in Iraq.

The US fought for its freedom from tyrants with little assistance in terms of troops and monetary support from France and Germany. It is time more countries that thirst for change follow the US's example rather than having potential leaders of the resistance high tail it for the safety of the US in order to goad the US into action.