Wednesday, December 19, 2007

War Within Iran

What I have been saying all along that the mullahs are scared of their own people more than any thing else is now coming true in this report by the CSM newspaper. Take a look:
    "UN concern over repression in Iran is a signal that the regime's worst enemy isn't the US but itself."
Or check this one:
    "But the hard evidence is that Iran's 70 million people – two-thirds of whom are younger than 33 years old – are alienated from their government and tired of nearly three decades of "revolution" with little to show for it. They also resent the reckless, wasteful spending of billions of dollars in oil revenues."
That's the thing. Mullahs are scared of their own people more than any thing else. Why don't we empower the Iranian people so they can fight the good fight against their repressive regime? We won't regret the support we can give them now. They need it!

Update: In the meantime mullahs still fund the militant Shiites in Iraq and they must be proud of it. The Iranian regime can not be trusted. It's time to help topple this oppressive establishment that has ruined Iran since 1979.


chester said...

Yes, the people need our support. I'm afraid if the democrats win next Nov., there won't be chance of that happening for at least another 5 years

Anonymous said...

Hi,I dont beleive for one moment that Iran should change,i also beleieve that America poses a threat to Iran just to get there oil,Also Russia, China,and other countries,actually know they do not threaton the west,this propergander that you report is not true,another thing America should keep its nose out there Irinian policies,American people should empower themselves and relise the bullshit fed to them from the news media,How many people in America are not happy with the goverment and what goes on in the US,Who says America should police the world????even American FBI know there is threat from Iran.

Kafir said...


Don't be so sure about the Democrats. I'm a Republican and while my kneejerk reaction is to agree with you, history does not bear that out. Most of our wars have been fought under Democratic administrations.

Kafir said...

anonymous 12/25/2007 11:26 PM,

Look at the cost of the war in Iraq. If America wanted Iran's oil, it would be cheaper to just buy it!

Who says America should police the world?

History! It was the US who kicked the colonialist Europeans out of South America in the 1800's, culminating in the removal of Spain from Cuba in 1898. It was the US who stopped the German Kaiser in 1918 and then proceeded to kick the colonialist Europeans out of the Middle East and Africa. It was the US who stopped Japanese Imperialist expansion in 1945 and it was the US who spent 40 years and trillions of dollars keeping the USSR from taking over everything. It was the US who freed the Muslims in Kosovo from Milosevic in 1998. The US has also supplied money and arms to help Israel protect their homeland from destruction and did the same to help the Afghans repel the Soviets.

Nobody "says" the US should police the world, but nobody else has done it and I think history shows that it must be done. In fact, everyone who has had the power to do it (the UK, France, Russia, etc.) has ended up doing exactly what you fear: taking over a country and extracting its resources for their own gain. Only the US has shown time and again that it uses its power to free and protect people and asks little or nothing in return.

Winston said...


You said it very well. Thnx!

Rosemary said...

Like I have been saying all along, the money has been appropriated. The State Dept. will not let go of it, because they prefer 'stability' to regime change. I wish someone would just get rid of that dept.