Monday, January 7, 2008

Iran Experts

We already know about the so-called Iran experts who appear on the mainstream media on a daily basis and talk about the Iranian regime as if they invented it or lived under it.

Today when the news broke that the Iranian boats 'threatened' US navy ships in the Persian Gulf, I saw some of these clueless "Iran Experts" again on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News talk about how the incident was just a mistake or that the higher-ups in the Mullahocracy have nothing to do with it or this confrontation was performed by a rogue unit of the Revolutionary Guards. Apparently, these so-called experts don't know that in any dictatorship where one man rules there are no rogue elements. And the dictator in Iran is the supreme leader Khamenei who is also the commander in chief of the Iranian armed forces. I've served in the Iranian military and am coming from a military family and witnessed how some orders had to be issued or confirmed by a mid-ranking cleric from the "Ideological and Political Office" of the armed forces. This office is directly linked to the office of the supreme leader and gets its mandate not from the military branch of the chain of command but right from Khamenei's office. This infamous ideological unit exists within every battalion sized unit in all branches of the Iranian military, be it the regular army, baseej militias or the Rev. Guards. The offices are headed by an Islamic cleric and has so much influence on military commanders that no body could challenge them or disobey them. To cut the story short, it is the equivalent of the Soviet Union Political Commissar, so this might give you the idea of how things work in the Iranian armed services. Or as we used to say back home: No one can drink a glass of water without "Aghidati siyasi's" permission. ((Aghidati means Ideological and Siyasi means Political).

I've explained more about this conflict of authority within the Iranian military before. This makes me believe that the order to threaten the US navy vessels came directly from some body high up in the chain of command and was also confirmed or re-enforced by these clerics acting along side the military units.

In a country like Iran no body dares to do something like that and challenge or threaten the most powerful navy of the world. So for these experts calling the incident a mistake is too naive and silly. But the average Joe in the west could simply believe these clueless expert and this is not good at a time when the United States is heading for a major presidential election. It's up to the American people to put a strong man in the white house who could stand against regimes such as Iran. The misinformation campaign by the MSM can have a big negative impact. I've personally lost hope in the MSM a long time ago. I don't care what the liberal experts say on Iranian issues because I know more than they do but for the average Joe in the streets of Boston, Chicago or Los Angeles, this sort of misinformation made by these dumb men could very well make them believe that the Iranian regime doesn't pose a serious threat to the safety and security of the United States and at a time when the US presidential elections are in full gear, these experts who have not spent a minute of their lives in Iran and know nothing about the country make the voters misunderstand the real situation.

Last time, Iran and the US navies clashed in 1988, Iranians lost 1/3 of their once proud navy to the Americans. The mullahs should know better that they've no chance against the strongest navy of our time.

The purpose behind the existence of blogs like that of mine here is to set the records straight and provide the average Joes with more information that could be helpful at this crucial time.

Feautred on Reuters website

Video of the incident


chester said...

Very good!

Hey MSM now hear this: Rogue elements in Iran don't exist because they are killed. End of "rogue elements".

Thanks for all your explanations and information, Winston!

avideditorla said...

Great blog post. I miss you in the Little Green Football lounge. I tried to defend you. Please write a letter to Charles with a link to your blog. Well keep up the great postings and hopefully I will see you back in LGF.

Anonymous said...

This is a very important piece and should be read by all the useful idiots in the West.


David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 01/08/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

خیابان شماره 11 said...

I can smell a potential compromise between mollahs and US. However, there is a second force here which has been initially fed by mollahs, I am talking about Hezbollah and Hamas. I think in this situation they would feel like if such compromise happens, then they are history. As a consequent, they will do thei best to prevent such compromise between Iran and US. And this sheds some light on these kind of incidents.
By the same token, you can explain some stupid crisis making words by Ahmadinejad and Revolutionary Guard top commanders. I think they are not Iranians anymore.

saggezard said...

These experts make me sick to the stomach. I mean it is OK to have diverse point of views from people about Iranian affairs, but unfortunately 99.9999% of these pumped experts project such fallacies about simple facts related to Iran that when reading them I sometimes feel they belong to the comics section. And it is worse when they are on television and radio, they give outlandish erroneous information with such authority like there is no tomorrow, unfortunately the masses believe them so easily just because they are on TV or radio. These "experts" must be exposed whenever given a chance. In discussions whenever I begin to hear regurgitated sound bites, I have made a habit of saying: almost all you people have absolutely no idea what is going on in Iran.

Reasonable Rightist said...

I don't know for sure, but maybe the reason all the "experts" are so bad is that few people do know much about Iran. Since you have been in the Iranian military, why don't you contact them and see if they want to interview you or something? It would be interesting to hear a live explanation or your expiriences. And if they refused, THEN you could really critisize the experts.