Sunday, January 6, 2008


This is what I call political prostitution at international level:
    "The United States says it hopes recent comments from Iran's leader signify a willingness to improve relations between the two countries."
No, US State department never gets it. The mullahs of Iran will never stop hating America for two major reasons: 1- It serves them well to hate America since they can simply blame any of their own shortcomings on the Great Satan and the Jews who control America 2- They hate USA for what it is and what it stands for today: Pluralism, democratic values, liberty and human rights. I doubt that the people working at the US State Dept get it because they have shown for the past 29 years that they really haven't got the message and haven't understood why mullahs hate them and their country and won't talk to them even if they act like prostitutes begging the mullahs to be nice to them... Makes my blood boil again!


Chester said...


I don't know about prostitution. It's IDIOTIC !

Let's see what else Khamenei said,

- he sees "no benefit" in resuming ties with the United States at this time
- he will not halt work on nuclear program as demanded by the West.
-" Cutting ties with the United States is one of our basic policies"
-"The conditions of the US government are such now that it is harmful for us to resume relations," he said, describing the United States as a global "danger".
- "Despite some talkative people's claims, it has no benefit for the Iranian nation.
"The day that relations with the United States are beneficial to the Iranian nation, I will be the first one to approve of that,"
- "Death to America!"


Yeah that all sounds REAL optimistic to me, State Department spokesman Foley !

And what planet do you live on?!!

saggezard said...

Yes its is all about whoring and conspiring to protect the status quo and a few exclusive super clubs, unfortunately this is the trend of politics in this age. I do not know why I end up sympathizing with the anarchists when everything is out in front of me.

By the way I loved it today when I heard Hillary tearing up, she is what a really serious whore is: "You know, this is very personal for me. It's not just political it's not just public. I see what's happening, and we have to reverse it."

Kafir said...

Here's a glimpse into the State Dept: When Alexander Haig was the Sec of State, he called in all the staffers and asked them to tell him about their country. Each one rattled off a few facts about the foreign country they were assigned to. Haig then told them "Wrong. Your country is the United States of America. Don't forget that." There's a reason they call the place Foggy Bottom.