Friday, February 15, 2008

Freedom To Choose

Having been to the States couple of times now, I can clearly see the differnces between Canada and the United States or Europe and the United States and they are too many but one thing that makes America a desirable place for every one or makes it the best country in the world is the "freedom of choice" that individuals get to have. From fast food restaurants, entertainment and fun to serious issues like health care and political affiliation.... This "Freedom To Choose" aspect of the American society is one big advantage over other nations and that's one of the many reasons why America is a better place than many other countries.

چیزی که امریکا رو از سایر کشورها متمایز میکنه ازادی در انتخاب هست که هر فرد در این کشور داره و باعث میشه امریکا بهترین محل زندگی برای انسانها باشه


Frieda said...

did you know that Hassan Namezee is Hillary's finance chair.

Red NewYork Sun's editorial:

What in the world are advisers to both Senators Obama and Clinton doing in Syria in the middle of a presidential campaign — and why are the two campaigns so unforthcoming about the details of the visits? The same week that a terrorist mastermind harbored by the Baathist regime in Damascus was assassinated by a car bomb, both one of Mr. Obama's foreign policy counselors, Zbigniew Brzezinski, a long-time critic of Israel, and one of Mrs. Clinton's national finance chairs, Hassan Nemazee, were meeting with President Assad.


saggezard said...

I believe, one other great thing about America is: the right to be left alone. That is a very valuable right, I think a catalyst for every individual to have the freedom to be experimental with culture.

chester said...

"...Land of the Free, Home of the Brave"

Louise said...

One of the things I admire most about Americans is their inventiveness. So much of our technology from the entertainment industry to medical science to just plain useful stuff, not to mention the invention of ways of doing things, innovative procedures, organizational structures, and so on. I'm one Canuck who is glad to have them as neighbours.

Jungle Mom said...

What is so sad is that you are able to appreciate something many Americans take for granted. I have lived overseas for the last 22 years and I am often amazed at how lightly the average American takes their freedom. I guess that comes from living in a place where one is so "free". You can not even imagine a different reality.