Monday, February 18, 2008

Grand Canyon & Beyond

Writing this short note from an airport in western United States en-route to Canada, I'm glad to say that I managed to visit grand canyon national park. I could definitely feel its sheer beauty and magnificence up close. It's such a nice and neat place that words can't describe. I've taken many photos and will upload them as soon as I have a reliable internet connection. Grand Canyon is the place to see if you travel to the States. No matter what you've seen in motion pictures and photos, it will make your jaws dropped once you can see it with your own eyes. It's so massive that can not be in any way. I loved it and moreover, the native people were very nice and kind. Navajo people are among the most prosperous first nations of the North American continent and one could see it from their organized shops, gift stores, trading posts and cafes.

I'll post more pictures later...

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