Monday, February 4, 2008

Good for Iraq

Iraq's situation has become so good that even a badly biased BBC couldn't deny it:
    "Iraq faces a period of economic growth and political progress, according to assessments by the International Monetary Fund and the UN."
Americans have helped many nations get on their feet and Iraq is the last one of them. I wish more Iraqis would seize these days and work to better their nation. They should realize the fact that the American money, blood, honesty and manpower is there to help them reconstruct their country. Japan, South Korea, Germany and much of Europe are prosperous and independent countries due to huge American assistance after the war. Iraq is another proof that American aid and ideas can work well in the mideast region. As an Iranian, I envy the opportunities Iraqis have.

Interview with Iraqi ambassador to Canada

وضعیت عراق از لحاظ اقتصادی ، سیاسی و مالی بحدی خوب شده که حتی بی بی سکینه یعنی همون بی بی سی که دوست اخوندها و دیکتاتورهای دنیاست هم نمیتونه این حقیقت و خبر خوش رو پنهان کنه. امریکا هر جا پا گذاشته اونجا اباد و ازاد شده و نمونه اش هم ژاپن ، المان ، کره جنوبی و سایر کشورهای اروپایی هستن که بعد از جنگ دوم جهانی به خاطر کمکهای وسیع امریکا الان کشورهایی مستقل و ازاد هستند. عراق هم میتونه ثابت کنه که پول و قدرت اقتصادی و نظامی امریکا در منطقه میتونه جواب بده و اثر گذار باشه. شخصا بعنوان یک ایرانی بحال این عراقیها غبطه میخورم و ارزو میکنم روزی هم نوبت ایران بشه و با استفاده از دوستی با امریکا سر و سامونی بگیره. البته این اخوندها لیاقت دوستی ندارند و بمحض اینکه شرشون از سر ایران و ایرانی کم بشه، میشه به اینده ایران هم امیدوار شد. این سرطان که حکومت ارتجاعی ایران باشه باید سرنگون بشه و بجای اون حکومتی مردمی و ازاد سر کار بیاد


saggezard said...

Is it not funny that we feel envious towards Iraq and Afghanistan, after all they went through their future looks very bright now. The ironic tragedy is that Iran was way ahead of all its neighbors and it has been sinking lower ever day. Today Turkey's economy is almost twice the size of Iran's. I do not expect any less of the other neighbors compared to Iran. Our country has everything but we are seriously in trouble, we have become a destitute, orphaned, downtrodden people. Time to pull up our socks and make justice happen (please note this is very different from SEEKING JUSTICE since no one will hand it to us, we must not only demand justice, the only way to survive with dignity is to make it a reality).

BrianFH said...

The solution is obvious: de-mullification!

Edit note: Winston, I hope it's not the "last one". That would mean there will be no more. But it is the "latest one"!