Saturday, March 29, 2008

The fight goes on

We the people of Iranian origin were invaded by the Arabian Islamic armies many times in our history and the most famous of them happened almost 1450 years ago where the Muhammedan army of savages attacked and occupied Persia and committed crimes and atrocities that can't be forgotten.

Since then, we have always fought back against this intimidating backward invasion of a crazy culture and religion and here is the recent effort by an Iranian expat in Holland who is also trying to keep up the good fight against the "Religion of Peace":
    "An Iranian is putting a film out about Mohammed as a..Paedophile for having married Aisha, at nine years old!"
I wish him luck and hope he is safe & sound wherever he is. This is our fight too. We shouldn't give up! The liberty of our motherland, Iran, is dependent on the outcome of this ongoing struggle against the Islamists and Jihadists. Any one who cares about the future of this world, should join and resist these savage criminals that intimidate, suppress and kill dissidents and infidels.

یک ایرانی هموطن در هلند در حال ساخت و تهیه فیلمی درباره پیغمبر اسلام هست که محمد را بعنوان یک ازاردهنده جسمی کودکان نشان میدهد و ازدواج محمد با عایشه 9 ساله را کودک ازاری مینامد. بعنوان مردمی که خانه و کاشانه امان 1450 سال هست که در اشغال این مسلمین خون اشام هست باید از کسانی که پرچم مبارزه با این جانیان را در دست گرفته اند حمایت کنیم و اجازه ندهیم که دین سراسر خشونت بار اسلام ناب محمدی باقی دنیا را هم مانند ایران عزیز ما اشغال و نابود کنه


Louise said...

This internet thing amazes me. That film has been downloaded, saved and uploaded again on to so many websites (including Wilders' own party website) and blogs that it is mind boggling. Those who wish to supress this sort of statement haven't got a hope in hell. They may succeed in killing the film maker, but they cannot kill the film. And BRAVO!! to Wilders and his party for standing up to the attempted intimidation!!

saggezard said...

I look forward to that film. Long live freedom, down with forces of darkness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Winston,

Not quite sure why you say Geert Wilders is an Iranian ex-pat. He's Dutch born. See here:

I have used his video at my blog too. It's been discounted or ignored by the British liberal intelligentsia media. And they are not screaming about freedom of speech NOW, even though Wilders' British host company had staff threatened and so removed it.

The British press are a deep embarrassment to me,a Brit.

It's about time we remembered what it was that made our country great. Whatever it was, it's now buried in the all-embracing dead arms of the liberalism we've slumbered into.

Not sure if I think the Brits have been quite as bad in Basra as you say at your other post. Though as you will tell from the name of my blog I believe the arrangements and understanding over Iraq were MUCH clearer and principled under Blair.

But then to me, everything was better then.

Winston said...

Anon, you probably didn't read the whole post. I never said Geert Wilders is an Iranian expat. Did I?

Louise said...

The link says "here is the recent effort by an Iranian expat in Holland" but the link leads to a page about the movie.

Winston said...

I edited/corrected the link. Thanks for the heads up!

Aryamehr said...

Excellent. Well done by Mr Jami and I hope he will be safe. This hell-sent ideology needs to be exposed and the political correctness needs to be put aside.