Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour BS

This Earth Hour nonsense is pissing me off. I'd like to enjoy the prosperity and modernism that West is offering and therefore I am turning every single light in my house on and enjoy the 21st century life style while Green-voting-tree-hugging-liberals are eager to go back to the stone age and its caves.

Who knows how much energy was spent to spread this nonsense around? How many people are going to either drive or commute to the locations where this crap is being held and the only thing here that may not be saved is energy and probably these green-voting-tree-hugging-liberals are affecting the world more negatively than they have already done. Right now, I am hearing the engine roar of aircrafts flying above to cover this joke and there is the fuel consumed by this thing overhead. Then there are cameras and TV stations trying to cover this. How about them? Any energy saved? I think this whole thing is ridiculous and a bizarre joke...

So, in order to protest this BS, I encourage you to leave every thing on and have fun. Btw, Earth Hour is observed and held daily in North Korea. Above picture tells it all!

Mark Steyn has more about this at NRO


Louise said...

"...therefore I am turning every single light in my house on.."
Me too. That's exactly what I'm going to do. In fact, since it's only 7:15 pm where I live, I think I'll turn everything on right now, just to stick it to the idiots. They won't know, just like the lights off thing won't have any impact, but I'll be please with myself.

chester said...

Lol. Lights are on here too

Louise said...

Well, I guess I can go and turn everything off now. I was too lazy to do the vacuuming and bake a cake, but I think I made the point.

Alan M. Abraham said...

IT WASN'T THE SUGAR that made Brazil energy independent!

You people are clueless about "going green". Israel can become energy independent in two years or less. There is no need to argue with environmentalist, the Knesset, auto manufacturers OR BUILD ANYTHING if the people retrofit to FFV’s. This technology was developed by Roberta Nichols at Ford decades ago and is being used NOW! IT WASN'T THE SUGAR that made Brazil energy independent! It was the Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFV) she developed at Ford. Go to with which I have no connection. I am just an American Jew who loves Israel. You can buy a kit to retrofit a car and it will burn gasoline or any other fuel RIGHT NOW. Get a franchise and sell them in Israel or talk to the Brazilian government directly. My neighbor runs his car on vegetable oil for $1.50/gal.! The problem is the public has to be educated that they can retrofit their cars NOW! Nobody is informing them. The California Energy Commission has 300,000 FFV's on the road right now. They are finally starting to open methanol stations to the public. There are over 9 million FFV’s in the U.S. right now; mostly in the mid-West. Distillers like Seagram’s have an opportunity for a new product if they wake up and snooker the oil companies. They can sell wood alcohol at the grocery in the same 3 gal. containers we buy laundry soap in. Then, the oil majors will designate one pump at every station for Methanol, which is clean and excellent fuel, and there will be a choice of fuels for consumers. Stop buying oil from OPEC. Instead of putting trash and human waste in land fills it can be fermented into methanol. Sell methanol made from recycling used cars and tires which are mostly plastic anyway. There is an electric company in California fermenting methanol from cow manure to create electricity. Read Robert Zubrin's book Energy Victory. Retrofit used cars now and Israel can take billions of OPEC's profits away from them. Give a tax credit for retrofitting cars to Flex Fuel Carboration so people will stop buying gasoline like they have in Brazil. Please make Israel energy free and independent of U.S. and OPEC. That’s the only way for real peace.

Alan M. Abraham, M.A.

Soraya said...

Well said. What a bunch of sanctimonious idiots these environmentalists are.

Have you noticed how their prophecies of doom and gloom mirror exactly those of puritans and religious nutters of yore?

H. L. Mencken described puritanism as: 'The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.' Lol.

Adrian from Denmark said...

I think it was a good idea, so I turned off one of the PCs that I didn't use anyway.

I saw that there are a spot in the northkorean map that had light - could it be that they're still playing with nukes?? :o)

Evange said...

I was planning on turning all my lights on but I forget about it, and took a nap (lights out).

But that made me think, isn't Earth hour equivalent to.... night time?

Winston said...

I re-posted this on