Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dhimmi Carter

I always hated this scumbag Jimmy Carter for his role in the toppling the government of the late Shah of Iran in 1978-79 period but he couldn't get any more creepier than he is now by announcing to meet with the leaders of Hamas. It's his trade mark to meet with wrong people. He was willing to meet with Khomeini in Paris in 1978 too. He is just not a clueless moron but he has shown over 30 years that he's a stupid anti-Semite and he'd like to be in the spotlight by meeting with world's bad men from Castro and Chavez to Arafat and now with Hamas. He is a big time Dhimmi and deserves to be called as such.

I hope some exiled Iranians try to find out the possibility of taking this crazy moonbat to court for his obvious role in helping the Islamic revolt of 1979 in Iran which led to establishment of one of the most repressive regimes in the middle-east. He could be tried for crimes against humanity and for feeding thousands of Iranians to the killing machine of the Mullahs he now dearly loves and tends to protect. After all these savage Mullahs are his creation.

Dhimmi Carter doesn't even believe that the current Iranian regime is an existential threat to the state of Israel. He never gets it, does he?


Sohrab said...

One of our weakest presidents.

Apache Man said...

Carter was an absolute failure as president and as governor of Georgia as well. He is a very stupid, stupid man.