Friday, April 18, 2008

Fearing Islam

Some Islamonazi Iranian regime funded moonbats are, again, angry at the Dutch made video clip about the atrocities done in the name of religion of peace i.e Islam. Here they're protesting in front of the Netherlands embassy in Tehran, as shown in the photos. And chief among their signs and misspelled banners, the above three photos are worth noticing.

In the first photo, the Islamonazis are carrying the photos of Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch film-maker murdered by another Islamonazi immigrant in Holland, Salman Rushdie who already has a death fatwa on his head and this new brave Dutch MP Geert Wilders who is critical of Quran and Islamonazis for very good reasons. The 2nd photo has a "outrage of the day" guy carrying a banner that reads: Israel must be wiped off the world. And the third one needs no explanation because when any one criticizes Islamonazis' religion, he/she must be a stooge of the Jews and that's why Geert Wilder's forehead is stamped with one Jewish Star of David. However, that third picture has an excellent self-explanatory banner (the white one to the top right corner of the photo) that reads: Fitna (the movie) is not an indication of the fear of terrorism. It's an indication of fear of expansion of Islam... (It's not due to fear of terrorism, it is due to fear of Islam)

How true! Westerners should very well be afraid of the expansion of a really backward cult in their backyards. We don't want Islamic Republic of Iran theocracy, Hamas thuggery or Saudi Arabian Wahabbism in North America or Europe. Do we?


Anonymous said...

Some Dutchmen still have their balls and sense of humor.

Maya M said...

I even doubt that all of the people photographed are expressing their true opinions. During the Communist era in my country, employees were brought to official demonstrations by their bosses (and students by their teachers). Just refuse and you may have troubles.