Monday, May 19, 2008

No Substance

Sen. Hussein Obama, the junior freshman senator from the state of Illinois , has run a vague campaign based on whining, yelling, complaining and appeasement. His Iran policy is the most dangerous policy any sane person has ever come across. He's all talk and no substance. He practically has no new idea on the nature of the Iranian regime and other than appeasement he is offering nothing. Obama is hoping that his appeasement policies will somehow change the behavior of the criminal regime of Iran. It's most important that those Iranians, especially those living in the US, who are concerned about the future of democracy, human rights and freedom inside Iran stand up to this stupid presidential candidate and tell him to stop running on an appeasement agenda. It has never worked and never will. It's dangerous for an inexperienced junior Marxist senator to sacrifice the dreams of 65 million Iranians in order to win a presidential race he doesn't even deserve to be in. Let's hope he loses in November... I just can't believe there are misinformed, hopeless Americans who have bought his doom & gloom message and are willing to vote for him.

Hussein Obama is wrong on Iran (and every thing else):
    The reason not to negotiate with Ahmadinejad is not simply to stand on ceremony or some kind of policy of non-recognition. It is based on the fundamental need to topple his regime by increasing the sense the Iranian people have — that he has isolated Iran from the rest of the world, to its severe and ongoing detriment.


Jungle Mom said...

I do wish you could vote in the US!!!!

Winston said...

Hey, you never know...

Anonymous said...

I notice you keep saying "Hussein" when refering to Obama.

And oddily enough, you claim to be Iranian.

An iranian playing to western fears of the name "hussein".

You're quite the piece of work.

Winston said...

Hussein is not an Iranian name, moron. It's an Arabic name. Haven't you figured the difference between an Arab and an Iranian? Hussein was the 3rd grandson of the prophet of the "religion of peace" who was also murdered by an Iranian hero. Get your facts checked. Of course, every body should be afraid of an idiot by that name.