Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Read This Book

Just got my signed special edition of Michael Yon's new book "Moment of Truth in Iraq". What an honor...

Go get it if you'd like to know what's really going on in Iraq. Don't miss this jaw-dropping book. It's inspiring and refreshing. I loved it and I am sure you will too. Michael Yon doesn't fabricate stories like the mainstream media do to sell their lies to an ignorant, misinformed public. He is a great blogger and a true war reporter... Buy it and lets help Mr. Yon bring us real stories from Iraq. No one has ever done the type of extraordinary work that he has done so far.

Get it here if you're in Canada and you can buy it on Amazon.com if you're residing outside of North America.


chester said...

It's getting fabulous reviews.

Adrian from Denmark said...

I got it few days ago, and it's my 'food' here in the summerheat :-)