Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ball of Fire?!?

A must read by Amir Taheri about the probable results of an attack by either the Israelis or Americans against the Iranian regime's nuclear and WMD facilities. Some would like to believe that the middle-east region would turn into a "ball of fire" but Mr. Taheri happens to disagree. I'm also taking Amir Taheri's side on this and, in my opinion, he is right to remind us that:
    "The greater Middle East, which is supposed to become "a ball of fire", is comprised of 25 countries from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. Would the Pakistanis or the Moroccans burn their homeland by joining "the ball of fire" because Khomeinism is denied the bomb?"
Of course not. No body in that region cares about the Mullahs. The Islamic regime of Iran could probably do two things: 1- Become a crybaby at different venues within the United Nations and achieve nothing and risk losing more legitimacy inside and outside of Iran, 2- Hit back and enter a war that would help accelerate the process of regime change. The options are not so great for the criminal leadership of Iran and the future looks grim for them. In any event they're going to end up in the dustbin of history sooner or later. And the world will be a better place without these maniacs in Iran.

امیر طاهری در مقاله ی جدید خودش در روزنامه الشرق الاوسط چاپ لندن هشدار داده که در صورت حمله به تاسیسات اتمی و سلاحهای کشتار جمعی رژیم اسلامی ایران، اخوندها هیچ غلطی نخواهند کرد و اب از اب در منطقه خاورمیانه تکان نخواهد خورد. من هم با ایشان هم عقیده هستم و امیدوارم اگر حمله ای علیه رزیم صورت گرفت حمله ای باشه که به عمر این حکومت جنایتکار و فاسد پایان بده و شر این اخوندهای بی شرم، افراطی و دزد رو از سر دنیای متمدن کم کنه. در منطقه خاورمیانه هم بقول اقای طاهری هیچکس برای رژیم اسلامی تره خورد نمیکنه و هیچ احدی هم به کمک این رژیم مستبد و فاسد نخواهد امد. همونطور که کسی به طالبان در افغانستان و صدام جنایتکار در عراق کمکی نکرد. دیر یا زود، حکومت اسلامی ایران هم مثل سایر حکومتهای خودکامه و جنایتکار دنیا روانه زباله دان تاریخ خواهد شد و ایران عزیز هم روزی کشوری اباد و ازاد خواهد بود


chester said...

The Saudis and others in the Persian Gulf region aren't going to support Iran because they're afraid of Iran getting nukes too. They're quietly hoping that the U.S. or Israel removes the threat so they don't have to be worried about the regime threatening them, but they can go about business as usual.

Brian H said...

Iran is headed for the cliff with the pedal to the metal. It has no options left; even if it wanted to play nice, its infrastructure is so degraded that it wouldn't be able to reverse the decline of its standard of living for about a decade, by which time it will be a permanent also-ran.

And, as de Mesquita so eloquently describes, the Big-Man/Inner Coalition setup turns Public Goods into their Private Goods (kleptocratically). Last year, $35B of Iran's $70B oil revenue disappeared on its way through the presidential office into the National Bank. Nobody's saying a word about where it went. This is a terminally corrupt regime.

Anonymous said...

One inevitable consequence of an Israeli attack is that the future of jews in Iran will mirrior what happened to jews in arab countries.

Winston said...

Anon, that has already happened to thousands of Jewish Iranians. Especially the rich Jews whose possessions were taken away by the new Islamic regime in early 1980s and most of them were forced to leave Iran for either Western countries or Israel. I hope any attack on Iran would result in total removal of the regime thou

Kafir said...

The most interesting point that Taheri makes is that Iran is a big importer of food and fuel. Therefore, starting a war would be a bad, bad idea. A simple naval blockade of their seaports and getting our friends in Iraq and Afghanistan to block the majority of their land crossings would bring their economy to its knees in a matter of weeks.

Maybe their bluster is a way to divert the world's attention away from this fact, the way Saddam crowed about his WMDs to prevent the world from attacking him. It didn't work out so well for Saddam.