Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good News 4 Steyn

One of my favorite authors Mark Steyn was sued months ago by the Saudi funded agents of the Canadian branch of CAIR here and now the good news is that the so-called hate-crime charges against Mark Steyn are dismissed for good.

However, there are 4-5 other bloggers and conservative activists still on trial in different parts of Canada for simply stating their minds. They're Ezra Levant who hired me 2 yrs ago to write on his Shotgun blog, Kate the blogger at Small Dead Animals, my friend Kathy Shaidle, and Connie and Mark at Free Dominion conservative forums. This fight against state-controlled kangaroo courts is still on until all of these people are off the hook. We can not let the Saudi Arabian funded and trained agents tell us how to write, think or behave in Canada. Free Mark Steyn web site has daily updates on the ongoing struggle against the Islamist plaintiffs and their allies in Kangaroo courts run by the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

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Rob said...

Count me in to support you and all other bloggers for free speech and stop kangaroo courts against bloggers standing and speaking up for free speech all over.

Read up my blog about my five principles of free speech: no one in the world is immune from free speech or above criticism. No government, religion, law, media, organization, or decree/dogma are immune from free speech or above criticism as well. All religions and politics are the byproducts of man's misguided and foolish desire to restrict/control everyone, nothing more, nothing less.

Five Principles of Free Speech.

Any restriction or limitation of free speech, by any mean, is a stepping stone to tyranny.