Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today I just had an intro flight lesson at a local airport here in southern Ontario flying the above aircraft. It was fun and I might take the flying lessons more seriously if financial and personal situations allow me to. I have always had a great passion for flying and am hoping to be able to learn that one day.


Azarmehr said...

Well done! As an older man to a younger man, let me give you some life advise, Every year set out to learn a new skill, you will feel very content with life and yourself.

Anon said...

What fun! And a nice distraction for you.

JJ Joseph said...

When you study aeronautics you also have to learn meteorology, navigation, air law, aviation computers. You'll be exhausted from all the learning!

Winston said...

I love flying therefore I am not going to be exhausted. Although I am sure it is going to be very exhaustive. ;-)

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