Monday, June 9, 2008

Contribution Needed

You can still contribute to our fund and assist us as we continue to seek help. I'd like to thank those who have already helped in any way they could.

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OJP said...

I just found your site through I am going to save it so I can come back later. I was very sorry to hear about your mother. A small group of friends and I have been praying for people's healing lately and Jesus has healed many - several from cancer. (at least one from lung cancer). One had been given less than three months to live and one was given two to three days to live! But Jesus is kind and He healed them. If you don't mind telling us her name, we would be glad to know it and will pray for her and will be glad to hear of her progress. But whether you send her name or not, we will be asking Jesus to heal her. He knows her and loves her, and sees what you are all suffering over this illness. Our website it if you want to see what we do. My name is Char Tierney and my email is God bless you, and your mother. Jesus, please heal her from this lung cancer. It is such a terrible invasion in anyone's life, so please restore her to good health. Take away the cancer and give her many many more healthy cells and bring back her strength, please Jesus.

I hope this comment is private if it causes you any pain. God bless you - Char (Please write for a free picture of Jesus for your mom and we will send it via the US postal mail.)