Thursday, June 12, 2008

Corrupt Mullahs

Among the Iranian pundits, my fellow UK based blogger & activist Potkin Azarmher was the first one to point at the remarks made by one of the Iranian regime officials about the level of corruption among high ranking ayatollahs running Iran.

These accusations are nothing new among ordinary Iranians since every one of us knows how corrupt and power hungry the Islamonazis of Iran are, however it is extremely surprising that a regime official has made such bold remarks and that clearly shows the internal struggle within the Iranian regime. The Iranian regime is essentially a religious Mafia and that's how it operates.

Updated: The man who made the accusations is now detained


Cindy said...

OMG thank you for responding to my weblog, is he really arrested? This calls for the UN to interfere, I'm going to get on it right away, freedom of speech is so important in today's world.

Winston said...

Don't bet any thing on a more corrupt institution like the United Nations, Cindy. You'd be better off writing to your own government and asking them to stop trades and commercial links with the Iranian regime. That's where you should work on. Thnx