Thursday, June 12, 2008

Go back to your tribe

Tarek Fatah is a well-known Canadian Muslim activist and author. I disagree with him on a series of issues such as his invalid position on Israeli-Arab conflict and the US role in Iraq... etc but it really doesn't stop me from appreciating him for what he's done thus far and for his courageous stance against the home grown Islamic terrorists and Islamists here in Canada. One big reason to support him is that he is an anti-CAIR Muslim and that's enough for us to have him our on side of the struggle against the mad Islamonazis around the world. So there he goes with yet another great piece asking/urging the Islamists to go back to where they belong if they don't like it here:
    "If free speech is such a problem for these Islamists, why don’t they find soil that is fertile to their authoritarian spirit, which it seems they miss so much."

    "Why can't we tell the Bin Laden fan club in Canada: "You are free to migrate to Iran or Saudi Arabia... How can we help you?”
Very well said. Indeed if you don't like it here, you're more than welcome to go back to where you actually belong like Saudi Arabia, Gaza or Yemen or any other Islamic hell hole you've come from. We'll be happier without you in Canada.

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