Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No to negotiations

The upcoming US presidential election in November 08 will be an important one for the world and especially the future of the Iranian regime which has been a major topic south of the border these days. There's a crucial choice, an important race between the party of appeasement and total defeat and those who want a stronger America and a total victory over the Islamofascists. And now the party of defeatism led by the freshman Senator Hussein Obama wants to sit down with the criminals of Tehran and tell them to behave themselves... hey, it ain't gonna happen. Read this great interview to see what I mean:
    "One has to have an understanding the lessons learned from our past dealings with Iran. In a nut shell, our past engagements with Iran have resulted in an emboldened Iran, or as Iran’s Ahmadinejad calls it: a train without breaks. These negotiations have bought the theocratic regime in Iran time to pursue their malice, and have weakened the United States’ position in dealing with them. These seemingly American peaceful gestures have significantly augmented the risk of confrontation."
The defeatists of the world, mainly the Democrats, ought to understand that appeasing this criminal entity in Iran will only result in empowering the regime and won't change any thing. I am sure the Iranian regime is so happy to see a major US presidential candidate supporting them.

An Open Letter to Sen. Obama on Iran

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Mehran said...


There's no point in appealing to Obama's good sense - he doesn't appear to have any.

We should instead bombard the media over the next few months with denunciations of his appeasement tendencies.

We have to change people's perception of him as this force for (good) change.

He has to be made to look like a pathetic wimp (that he probably is, whose election to the Presidency will delight the mullahs, and other terrorists.

We have to do EVERYTHING to prevent this upstart from getting anywhere near the White House. He'll make that old fool Jimmy Carter look like a far-sighted statesman.