Thursday, July 3, 2008

Batebi in the U.S

Many Persian news web sites including BBC Persian report today that the prominent Iranian dissident Ahmad Batebi, who has also spent the past 9 years in and out of Iranian regime's jails for his anti-regime activities, has fled the country through Iraq and is now in the United States. On a side note, it appears that now a free Iraq has been instrumental in helping the democratic movement of Iran since many Iranian political figures have used that country to get to the free world. Isn't that interesting?

VoA News has more!

I wish Mr. Batebi the best in his new life and I do hope he won't end up being another regime propaganda tool like Akbar Ganji or Sazegara. He can be helpful in trying to raise awareness here in the west about the savagery of the Islamic regime and play a major role in a free Iran.

امیدوارم احمد باطبی در خارج از ایران تبدیل به اکبر گنجی یا محسن سازگارای دیگری تبدیل نشود و مانند این دو جانور دروغگو و جانی بلندگوی رژیم نحس اسلامی نگردد. اقای باطبی توانایی این را دارد که در خارج از ایران در رابطه با وحشیگریهای رژیم صحبت کرده و توجه رسانه های عمومی را به مشکلات ایران جلب نماید. برای ایشون ارزوی موفقیت و سلامتی دارم


Anonymous said...

I hope he's out and certainly wish him the best. I hope he hasn't been turned.

Burnt Toast said...

Winston, thanks for great writing and reporting. They are many, VERY many in the US who wish to see a free Iran, also a free Middle East that lives and thrives upon the worth of peace. America hates no one person, religion or country, we only desire peace and freedom for those who crave a deserve it.

Keep up the good work!

Louise said...

I'd rather see T-shirts with his face on it than pictures of Che.

Louise said...

He made it!!

(Iran Zamin) said...

Iranian dissidents do not see Ganji and Sazegara as a voice of Iran, Iranian dissident see them as a voice of the cleric regime.

The Sarbazan Org made very clear that they are puppet of the cleric regime in the west to spread propaganda during radio interview with Mark Dankof.