Sunday, July 6, 2008

Time well wasted

Package after package, envoy after envoy, carrot after carrot, letters after letters, threats after threats have been offered or exchanged and now the crazy regime of Iran vows to continue enriching uranium. It's very sad that the US and Europeans keep offering this bloodthirsty regime carrots and good will with no success, yet they keep doing this... I really want to bang my head against the wall now. How many times should you be doing this? It's apparent that these idiots within the US State Dept and European governments have not learned a damn thing. Time has been wasted while the Iranian regime has mastered its nukes and is going ahead with it full speed. The mad Mullahs of Iran will not stop their nuclear bomb program because they are offered great incentives. Why don't you learn this vital lesson and try something else?
خاک بر سر دول غربی که بعد از 7-8 سال مذاکره با رژیم خون اشام ایران هنوز درک نکرده اند که این ملایان ایرانی به هیج وجه برنامه تولید سلاح اتمی خود را متوقف نخواهند کرد. خاک بر سر این جماعت نفهم و کم خرد در وزارت خارجه امریکا و سایر دولتهای غربی


Anonymous said...

You're right, Winston. It's really up to Israel now. An air attack on Iran's nuclear targets between the US election date and Obama's inauguration in Jan is the only window of opportunity for the forseeable future.

Kafir said...

Dennis Miller said it best: "America has a very long and slow-burning fuse, but at the end of it is a really big bomb." It was fourteen years between the day Saddam invaded Kuwait and the day he was toppled and it took 9/11 to jumpstart our resolve. I don't think it will take that long to take on the mullahs, unless Obama is elected.

Louise said...

Kafir, how do things look down there? Is McCain in the running? Is Obama Messiah still floating in the sky somewhere? I'm hoping McCain gets in.