Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Last Chance

BBC News:
    "[The US] Under Secretary of State William Burns will travel to Switzerland with the EU foreign envoy Javier Solana to receive Iran's response to a UN offer."
I believe that President Bush is trying to give the criminal regime of Iran their last chance to act responsibly before the US or Israeli bombs start falling on regime's nuke facilities. I have no doubt that this round of useless talks will ultimately fail like the previous ones. The main reason for the failure of the talks so far is that the Iranian regime has not stopped its bomb making plans and they'll pay a very high price for it.

Updated: Mullahs want peace without talks and they're gonna get so pissed off soon!

این برنامه فرستادن نماینده از سوی دولت پرزیدنت بوش برای دیدار با فرستاده رژیم جنایتکار ایران به نظر اخرین شانس حکومت اسلامی خواهد بود و در صورت قبول نکردن پیشنهادات اروپا و امریکا برای تعلیق غنی سازی اورانیوم، قطعآ احتمال حمله نظامی به تاسیسات اتمی ایران بیشتر خواهد شد


Carl said...

The criminal Persian crusaders won't relent as they play their game of delay, deny, and deceive.

Winston said...

the Iranian regime is an Arab-Islamic one with Islamic traditions. It has nothing to do with the identity of Persians, Kurds, Azeris or other Iranians. I think you should read a bit more before commenting, my friend.

Steve in Brooklyn said...

Walks like a duck. Talks like a duck. They speak Farsi, went to war with Sunni Muslim Arabs for 8 years. Consider their satanic 11th imam version of Islam as superior to the Sunni non-believers. They live in and control an area known as Persian and Ahmidinijihad when talking in the UN isn't speaking Arabic. This "Persians are superior attitude" is part of the problem. The Iranians must rise up now or they too are complicit in the Jewish hatefest. NEVER AGAIN. Do you understand. NEVER AGAIN!

I don't care if the Nazi's were German Austrian, French or even American, those who stand by as this mad regime propagates the level of hatred with their holocaust denial conferences and threats to wipe Israel off the map are now complicit in the threat to the Jewish State. Act up now Iranians, it is your last chance. Israel will act and despite the launch of a few 1950's designed soviet era missiles Iran will not believe the destruction Israel is capable of inflicting. Hey you hear that? That's an Israeli submarine loaded with nuclear tipped warheads waiting for your missile launch. I suggest you start your new revolution soon, or the Mullah's and those who stand by silently are going to visit their virgins in that mushroom cloud in the sky. NEVER AGAIN!

Louise said...

You're not the only one who thinks this is the last chance. Read this.

My take on why Burns is going to sit the table with Iran

Louise said...

Steve in Brooklyn, I don't know if you are a regular and longtime reader of Winston's blog. It sounds like you are not. He has reported on many, many occasions on riots and demonstrations in Iran by the people against the regime.