Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is nuts

First of all I should say that I've never trusted the US State Dept on any thing and this very idea of opening an interest section in Tehran is going to boost the Mullahs' internal image by ten folds. Honestly, this is totally nuts. That is a terrible thing to do and unfortunately those in charge of foreign affairs in Washington D.C are either clueless or completely nuts, as far as I am concerned.

Condi Rice on Sean Hannity radio show:
    "you may have noticed that Total has pulled out of Iran; the Iranians are having trouble in terms of inflation; they’re having trouble getting investment. And so, I believe we’re on a good diplomatic course here, and we’re still waiting to see if there are reasonable people in Iran."
Who are you kidding here? There is not one single reasonable soul within that establishment. Dream on!


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that the "interest section" proposal is a carrot that will be withdrawn shortly.

Kafir said...

The US has long had an "interests section" at the Swiss embassy. My take on this is that it is Bush helping McCain by proving that Obama's idea (direct talks with Tehran) is useless. It's political.

LCT Cathy said...

I couldn't agree more with your statements.

BTW, I really love your blog and find myself coming here for my daily "fix" :)

Louise said...

It's their last chance, Winston. It's lasted almost 30 years. My daughter was born the year that it started. She is now a grown woman with a daughter of her own. The game is over. Even Europe may be signally such, IMHO.

Hey, Kafir, I just quoted you on my blog. You're famous now!! LOL!!