Monday, July 28, 2008

Mom's Updates

It's been a while and I should have provided some updates on my mom's illness. Tonight I thought it is a good idea to share some new info with you. In short order, the Chemo is over and the results have been positive. Her physician informed us that the tumors are shrunk and some gains have been made through Chemotherapy, diet and spiritual empowerment. Also, the chance of re-occurring is not high for the next couple of years. Thanks to your donations, things are now better and there's a good chance for her to come here for a short visit and we'll be able to reunite after many years.

As you know, I constantly get in touch with family and close friends inside of Iran to stay informed about the country. Moreover talking to my mother and sister gives me an opportunity to see what's going on through the eyes of Iranian women. Last time I talked to my sister, she talked about heavy presence of religious police and Basiji militants across the city and emphasized on the enormous amount of stress that she and her friends endure every time they leave the house for either university or daily errands. And my mother told me she has heard people talking about the possibility of an Obama presidency and its tragic consequences for the ordinary people inside of the country. Most people seem not to talk his idea of direct negotiations with the current regime at all. When I asked about her own feelings, she said, I pray Obama would lose in the general elections to Sen. McCain. I was told that many people appear to be deeply worried about Obama's offer of direct talks with the Mullahs. Most believe that the regime is in dire situation and any negotiations can save the regime from falling.

As you better know, things are getting worse in Iran on a daily basis. Inflation is basically killing people's ability to provide for their families. Retirees have not received their pensions years after their retirements and now the mass executions of alleged criminals in Tehran seems to be the new round of terror tactics to scare the ordinary people off. The regime is worried and feel threatened from within and abroad and it is doing any thing to ward off these threats. The current diplomatic pressure is not enough and won't topple the regime but empowering the Iranian people can do that. Keep up the pressure and empower us to determine our future.


Fariborz Shamshiri said...

Islamic Iran is making excessive use of the death penalty to spread fear among people mostly dissidents and activists. Although Iranian officials insist death penalty is an effective deterrent but in fact experience in past 29 years proved that death penalty is not an effective way to prevent crimes.

Also Iran officials claim that death penalty is carried out only after an exhaustive judicial process which doesn't have any meaning while suspect doesn't go through a fair trial. Police force in Iran torture suspects to confess to crime whether they have done it or not and their confession under torture is a main argument that judges take into consideration to sentence suspects to death. Sadly most of judges are illiterate and they don't have any knowledge about law but sharia. They do careless about suspect rights from the beginning of trial to the end.

Under above circumstances all of these sentences are against international laws and Iran is in violation of them. (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights)

We urge Islamic Republic of Iran's officials bring an immediate end to these executions.

Please support above cause to Stop Execution in Iran. Thanks.

Jungle Mom said...

OH! I do trust your mother can visit with you!!!

Steve in Brooklyn said...

You know you have my support Winston. I hope your mother continues on her road to recovery.


Azarmehr said...

Good news about your mother Winston. I am very pleased and keep hoping for a full recovery.

She has raised a good son and deserves the best.

Justice For All said...


I am glad that your mother is getting better.

Anonymous said...

yochanan of LGF says

refuah slamah for your mother winston

Winston said...

Dear Yochanan, was it in Hebrew or Arabic? And what does it mean? Thnx

Fariborz Shamshiri said...

I like "criminal entity" definition for this regime.

By the way, I wish health for your mother.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear of your mother's recovery Winston, may she continue on this course and hope your reunion with her is sooner than expected.