Monday, July 21, 2008

Tire Strike

Radio Farda and other Persian language media report that at least 1200 workers of Alborz tire factory in south of capital city Tehran have been on strike for the third time since March 2008. The recent round of strikes that is now in its 4th day is aimed at the government and management of the factory. In fact, the workers claim they have not paid a penny for the past three months. This type of negligence is nothing new under the Islamic Republic leadership and it is interesting that an oil rich country can't pay a decent wage to its labor force and keep them happy.

Amir Kabir Univ. news agency report in Persian, Radio Farda's report and here is a labor related website. Here is the credible Iran Labor news service. All in Persian language though.

کارگران کارخانه لاستيک البرز از شنبه هفته گذشته در اعتراض به پرداخت نشدن سه ماه حقوق، عيدی و... دست به اعتصاب زده اند. اين اعتصاب، سومين اعتصاب اين کارگران در سال جاری به شمار می رود. البته در کشور دزدخیز، اخوندخیز و نفت خیز ایران اسلامی این چیز مهمی نیست و اگر تروریستهای حزب اله لبنان یا حماس فلسطین خوشحال باشند دیگه چه کسی به فکر مردم فقیر و گرسنه ایران خواهد افتاد. اصلا مگر مردم ایران ادم هستند؟ از نظر سید علی گدای خامنه ای و رفسنجانی دزد که مردم ایران هیچ ارزشی ندارند


Louise said...

I guess they have no economy. That's why they have to post fake photoshopped missile launches in an attempt to scare off the nasty Israelis.

Justice For All said...

It breaks my heart when I hear news in that nature that my flash and blood in Iran are not been taken care of by the regime, and Rafsanjani invests Iran's money in Canada and builds HWY 407 and so on. Plus their agent like Ahmad Reza Tabrizi is making campaign contribution to Canadian politicians.

It is just heart breaking, even stone would melt away with this kind of news.

Winston said...

Do you have more info on this guy Ahmad Reza Tabrizi?

Justice For All said...

Hi Winston:

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