Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An Open Letter

Israel's former top general Shaul Mofaz, an Iranian born Israeli citizen, has addressed Hussein Obama in an open letter published on the Jerusalem Post:
    "As someone who was born and spent his childhood in Iran, I know the Iranian people very well. I can tell you that they are a people who support peace. Their problem is their leadership, which misuses Islam and turns it into an extreme message of hate and violence, assisting every worthless, negative player in the region."
And he further states the need to address this issue through "the language of strength". Though I really don't hold my breath when it comes to a defeatist like Senator Obama. He is for defeat and weakening of the United States' standing in the world. Unfortunately, no open letter will change Hussein O's mind on his defeatist attitude.

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Jennifer O'Hara said...

You know, that is an interesting point - that Obama is defeatist. Honestly, I've only really seen him as a shady, sneaky, snakelike socialist/Marxist who, like his 60s forbears, just doesn't like America, doesn't like the military...You make a very thoughtful observation.

Clearly, though, an Obama presidency would make the world quite safe for tyrants, despots, and dictators...probably because he agrees with so much of their agenda.

Definitely food for thought, Winston. I think you're on to something. ;)