Sunday, August 31, 2008

Change of hands

The regime is worried. They have sensed that after the failure of useless negotiations on the nuclear issues, the Israelis or Americans are prepared to take military action against the regime's nukes. The new regular Iranian air force commander is also a surprise to many. He is not one of those individuals who was recruited and trained during the Shah's reign in 1970s. About 100% of the Iranian air force personnel from 1960-70s were trained either inside the US or by the American advisers in the country. The new commander is a regime loyalist and it shows that the Mullahs want loyal commanders who would fight for them in case of a foreign military strike. They never trusted the personnel who were trained and hired by the Shah's army before the Islamic revolution. Now the regime for the first time since the revolution of 1979 has a commander who joined the force in 1982, groomed and probably brainwashed by the new establishment, trusted/confirmed by the Islamic Political & Idealogical Office of the armed forces and now could be completely relied upon in emergencies.

The Iranian regime is now worried more than ever.


Apache Man said...

Americans and Israelis are not the only thing the regime should be concerned with. They have been beating the backs of their own citizens like they were a herd of goats rather than real people. Who are they really more afraid of? The regime is stupid. Not even a dog will piss where he sleeps, but the mullahs do it daily.

Anonymous said...


What do you think of the writings of the Ayn Rand Institute ( on our policies regarding Iran? Consider for example this article:
"With or Without Nukes, Iran is a Mortal Threat"