Friday, August 29, 2008

VP Palin

So, finally the VP choice for McCain is here and that is Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. Seems like a very successful, experienced and family oriented woman and I liked her speech a few minutes ago in Dayton, Ohio. Of course, any one on the GOP side could be way better than the two empty suits of the DemonRatic ticket with zero achievement and empty rhetoric. Way to go Senator McCain!

P.S: I bet Hillary Clinton is so pissed now. :-p


Anonymous said...

"She has more experience catching fish as a former commercial fisherwoman than dealing with foreign policy or national affairs."
- Calvin Woodward reported from Washington.

LOL, talk about inexperience! :p

Winston said...

She is more experienced than Slow Joe Biden and Hussein O combined. The fact that she is a woman puts her ahead of both Slow Joe and Obamessiah. ;-)

Jungle Mom said...

Well done, John, well done!!
and anonymous, aninexperienced conservative defiantly beats an old time liberal weasel, like Biden.

BillyHW said...

It's true, she's not as experienced as John McCain, but that's why she's running for *vice* president, and not commander in chief, like that community organizer guy on the Dem ticket.

Frieda said...

A blog dedicated to Gov. Sarah Palin:

Obama talked the talk about "change", "hope" and "reform" and McCain walked the walk with his VP pick ( who knew).

She is not any woman, she is a smart feminist who has made it on her own (not by marriage). She is pro-growth, pro-family and pro-military. She is "real" and "authentic", the two things that Barack and Joe can not be.

Apache Man said...

Frieda, You "nailed it". Gov. Palin has much on the ball, is not afraid, and much more "real" to normal people than any candidate out there. The left is absolutely terrified of her!

Anonymous said...

John McCain and Sara Palin are a perfect ticket. Finally we will get some wholesome family values in the White house instead of BJ Bill. What's wrong with 8 more years of the same? Times have been good for me and will only get better. Don't get mad at me because I've done well with speculating. If you were to busy trying to save the planet to make lots of money, that's your problem.
I also agree with Palin that Global Warming is a myth. She should know, she lives up there.
Hopefully the Liberal Dems will quit trying to save the needy and concetrates on America kickin some towel headed ass all over the world. Nuke em all baby. Let God sort them out.
There is no room for compassion so don't ask me for any. If you fall down it's your own stupidity that put you there. Get out of my way cause I'm a 26 year old white male, I make more money than you will ever see, and you just need to deal with it.
Go McCain/Palin 08 & 12

Don Cox said...

The big problem with Palin is that she is anti-science. Being English, I have no vote in this election, but I could not vote for somebody who is non-rational.I think important questions should be decided on the basis of rigorous evidence.