Tuesday, August 5, 2008

City of Lights

I'm now in Paris, France. City of lights and beauty. Aside from its beauty, it is one city of full of illegal immigrants from North Africa. Many times, at least 3 times in the past couple of hours, I saw police gathering up illegal aliens and chasing Africans in the streets or subway stations. Imagine if this happened in America or Canada. LOL... Governments would be toppled over these stuff in North America or there will be huge revolt and rage against the governments. So, aside from the beauty of Eiffel Tower and its nice streets, this city has a problem with these people and I saw it first hand. I thought it was only in books. Any how, I'll try to post more pictures and updates as I travel across France. Stay tuned please.


chester said...

Nice photos

rachel said...

This isn't new. Back in 1975 I went to Paris with some college girlfriends and these little Moroccan immigrants would harrass us everywhere we went. Annoying little cockroaches! We left earlier than we planned because they became oppressive. I was forced to push one of them down the stairs because he grabbed my friend as we were climbing the stairs coming out of the Metro station.

Never went to Paris again. Blechh!

evange said...

When I was in paris about 13 years ago, I remember there being gyspsies, but not africans (or maybe I just didnt notice the africans because I had just come from africa).

This as before the time of the euro, so they would hang out arround money changing machines and try to grab tourists money as it came out. Then if it was a woman she would shove it in her bra and if the tourist tried to retrieve it she would scream rape, and the flabergasted tourist would back off.

Urban Infidel said...

My second trip to Paris was in 1989. We witnessed dozens of street kids 'wilding' in the subway. 'Wilding' is a term that came from the rampant street crime and gang rapes that occurred in NYC in the late '80s. So you can imagine our surprise as these 'youths' in Paris rampaged and no on stopped them.

I cannot even imagine what it is like there now. BE CAREFUL! Stay away from flaming cars.