Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dangerously Stupid

The dictator in chief of Iran, Khamenei, tells the ignorant world that his criminal regime won't give up the nuclear program. The August 1st deadline to halt came and passed and yet, there's no serious punishment for this criminal entity running Iran. After 5-6 years of useless diplomacy, the major world powers dealing with this theocratic regime has not learned one single thing about the tricks the Mullahs have played. The only thing these negotiations produced is the time for the Iranian regime to develop nuclear weapons. On the other hand, I am certain that the Iranian regime has also been dangerously stupid. They're mistaken to assume that the world will continue this road any further. At one point, Israel or the United States will take their nukes out.

سالها دیپلوماسی و مذاکرات بی فایده با رژیم جنایتکار ایران هیچ اثری نداشته و تنها به اخوندها این فرصت رو داده که مراحل ساخت سلاح اتمی رو با خیال راحت و در زمان کافی دنبال کنند. متاسفانه دنیا از این همه سال مذاکره با این رژیم کثیف و جانی هیچ چیزی یاد نگرفته


Anonymous said...

Iran just wants to be the first muslim country that has actually done something noteworthy in 1400 years. Their problem is, Israel just might give them the ass whoopin' they been craving and begging for.

Louise said...

Here's a couple of things to consider. This
and this.