Saturday, September 13, 2008

Greenies: Canadians r stupid

You know what's worse than being a liberal? A Greenie. I mean, it is dumb to be a Liberal/NDPer/Commie in the first place but one should really lack some serious IQ to be supporting these Greenies. But what struck me the most in this case was the Greenies' threat to take the blogger to court if the above video is not removed from the weblog within an hour. You know it reminds me of the mad Islamonazis in Iran who constantly prosecute independent bloggers if they post stuff critical of the Islamic regime. Horrible! This alone should make Canadians not to vote for the Greenie fascists, though their insulting comment that Canadians are stupid should be the number one reason to keep them away from any elected office. They are bad for this country.
h/t Kathy Shaidle


Anonymous said...

Green Part are the one's that are stupid.
Any Politician that can make this kind of Statement will deserve the drubbing she will get at the poles.
Unfortunately the Taxpayers of Canada have to listen to her "Debate" with the leaders of the other parties and pay the her waste of time.

Saskboy said...

If you think she meant that Canadians are stupid, then you're one of them that she's talking about (supposedly).