Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tragic Day

Today is one of those terrible days that will never be forgotten. I, for one would never forget what I did during that tragic day or what happened on that day. It was a horrible day and remembering it is very painful. Though remembering it makes you understand why the Islamic Jihadists should be defeated and why terror sponsoring regimes should be overthrown. The attacks of 9/11 also made it clear that ignoring the threat of radical Islam will not make it disappear. This disease should be dealt with head on. The root of Islamic terrorism is not, as liberals want us to believe, poverty or political desperation among Muslims. No, it is the sick and dangerous ideology of Islamism that has been promoting and condoning acts of terror through out its violent history. The September 11th, 2001 served as a wake up call. Today, I'd like to express my sympathy with the victims of 9/11 and salute the brave firefighters and police officers who rushed to the scenes of disasters trying to help people. They're the real heroes of 9/11. This has and will always be a sad day in my life.

حوادث تروریستی 11 سپتامبر سال 2001 در امریکا زنگ بیدار باشی برای تمامی افرادی هست که سالها خطر ایدئولوژی ناب محمدی رو نادیده گرفتند و بر روی جنایاتی که بنام این دین ضد بشری در دنیا انجام شده چشم بسته بودند. بعنوان یک ایرانی وظیفه خودم میدونم که این روز غم انگیز به یاد بیاورم و به افرادی که در ساختمانهای دوقلوی نیو یورک، پنتاگون و در پرواز 93 کشته شدند فکر کنم


Louise said...

Seven years on, it's still fresh in my memory. Seems many have forgotten, though, and some have turned it into a circus of "truther" imbecility.

On this day, seven years later, perhaps we should also remember the 11,825 terror attacks committed by Islamofascists since then. Most of them have gone unnoticed by the MSM, such as the beheading of Christian school girls in the Philippines, the slaughter of school children in Beslan, Russia and the murder of Buddhist Monks in Thailand.

God help us, if we lose our resolve.

Chester said...

Never Forget

Lazaro Gonzalez said...

Hi, that's right is a tragic day that chaged the world forever. My blogs is in spanish but there is translator in the left side bar if you are interesting in Cuban's issues.