Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pinch Yourself

Pinch yourself, Melanie Phillips urging us:
    "You have to pinch yourself – a Marxisant radical who all his life has been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended, endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power anti-white racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming President of the United States. And apparently it’s considered impolite to say so."
I still believe Senator McCain has a chance to beat this empty suit in November but it will be a tragedy of enormous proportions if Marxist Obamble becomes the president of the United States. The consequences of his naive foreign policy will strengthen the criminals of the world including the Iranian Mullahs, Castro brothers and Chavezs of the world. And his risky domestic policies will weaken the US internally. I can see that the Obama and anti-American mobs of the world truly share a mad hatred for America and are basically ready to do any thing in their power to destroy the foundations on which America stands, from family values to patriotism and beyond. It is painful to see that most voters who are really misinformed are going to vote for this idiot just because he represents another brand. Amazingly tragic!


Anonymous said...

جوانان ایران به جهانیان فریاد می زنند که:
اسلام یک دین اهریمنی است.
ما فهمیده ایم که محمد رسول الله یک دین اهریمنی و یک فرهنگ اهریمنی خلق کرده و مادر و دخترانش فاحشه بوده.
اکنون محمد رسول الله در جهنم است.
Iranian young people shout to all world peoples: Islam is a Satanic religion.We understand, "Mohammed messenger of Allah" has created a satanic religion and he has created a savagery culture .his mother was prostitute, and his girl was prostitute. Now "Mohammed messenger of Allah" is in the Hell.
صيحه الشباب الإيراني إلى جميع شعوب العالم : الاسلام هو الدين شيطانيه. ونحن نفهم ، "محمد رسول الله" قد اوجد شيطانيه الدين وقال انه قد أوجد ثقافة وحشية. والدته كانت عاهره ، وكان له فتاة عاهره. الان "محمد رسول الله" هو في الجحيم.
Ирански младежи Да за всички народи светът: Ислямът е религия сатанински. Ние разбираме, "Мохамед месинджър на Аллах" е създала в сатанински религия, а той е създал savagery култура. майка му е била проститутка, а момичето си е проститутка. Сега "Мохамед месинджър на Аллах" е в ада.
Translation: English » Chinese
伊朗的年轻人喊向所有世界人民:伊斯兰是一个撒旦的宗教。 据我们了解, “穆罕默德真主使者”创造了撒旦的宗教和他创造了一个野蛮的文化。 他的母亲是妓女,和他的女童被妓女。 现在“穆罕默德真主使者”是在地狱。
Translation: English » Chinese (Traditional)
伊朗的年輕人喊向所有世界人民:伊斯蘭是一個撒旦的宗教。 據我們了解, “穆罕默德真主使者”創造了撒旦的宗教和他創造了一個野蠻的文化。 他的母親是妓女,和他的女童被妓女。 現在“穆罕默德真主使者”是在地獄。
Translation: English » Croatian
Iranska mladih ljudi vikati na svim narodima svijeta: Islam je religija Satanic. Razumijemo, "Mohammed glasnik Allah" je stvorio satanic religije i on je stvorio savagery kulture. njegova majka bila prostitutka, i njegova djevojka je bila prostitutka. Sada "Mohammed glasnik Allah" je u Hell.

Translation: English » Czech

Íránský mladé lidi křičet, aby všechny národy světa: Islám je Satanské náboženství. Chápeme, "Mohammed posel Allah" vytvořila ďábelský náboženství a on vytvořil divokost kultury. Jeho matka byla prostitutka, a jeho dívka byla prostitutka. Nyní "Mohammed posel Alláh" je v pekle.

Translation: English » Danish

Iranske unge råbe til alle verdens folkeslag: Islam er en Sataniske religion. Vi kan forstå, "Mohammed budbringer af Allah" har lavet en sataniske religion, og han har skabt en grusomhed kultur. hans mor var prostitueret, og hans pige var prostitueret. Now "Mohammed budbringer af Allah" er i Helvede.

Translation: English » Dutch

Iraanse jongeren schreeuwen om alle volkeren ter wereld: de islam is een religie Satanic. We begrijpen, "Mohammed boodschapper van Allah" heeft een satanische religie en hij heeft een barbarij cultuur. zijn moeder was prostituee, en zijn meisje was prostituee. Nu "Mohammed boodschapper van Allah" is in de hel

this is posted from Iran

Mehran said...

I don't know Winston. I think it's all over for McCain. It looks like the Empty Suit is on his way to the White House. Why do I not feel like dancing with joy at the prospect?

yikes said...

Great last paragraph by Phillips. Only it's more than impolite to say so - It's considered racist and you'll be personally attacked.

Anonymous said...

It is painful to see that most voters who are really misinformed...

So let me see if I understand it correctly. These voters voted for George Bush (your hero) twice. Were they misinformed back then? or they suddenly became misinformed in less than 4 years!!!

If we believe that people can be misinformed to vote for the "wrong" person, doesn't it justify to monitor who can run? So that to make sure only "right" candidates run. And isn't it one of the things we criticize about, let's say, Iran?

If we lose faith in voters we are giving up the idea of democracy. That somehow the collective decision by all leads to a good outcome, even-though it is not our favorite.

Obama might be all you call it. Let's assume he is. If we believe the United States is the best democracy in the world, we have to walk the walk and respect American's vote. If he gets elected (which is uncertain yet), there is another election in 4 years (and another one in 8 years and another one in 12 years and...). That's the beauty of it, isn't it?

This is your blog and you have every right to write whatever the hell you want. But what you are implying about American voters is offensive.

Winston said...

A vote for George Bush was a wise and necessary vote and those who voted for him were right. However a vote for this empty suit Obamble is wrong and out of misinformation. You got that? I'd love to be more offensive though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response. But I am still puzzled.
Aren't these the same people?
How is it that they voted justly and wisely for Bush 4 years ago and in four years they're suddenly misinformed?

Or maybe you think they are misinformed in general and it so happened (by luck) that they voted for Bush.

Bush won the second term by a landslide. Many independents and even democrats voted for him. It wasn't all conservative vote. And you are claiming it was wise and informed. I have no problem with that. But how is it that the same people -if decide to vote for Obama- get a "misinformed" label from you?

Terry said...

As someone who knows the heart of real American people you do not see represented in the media, I do not think it is over for McCain. I think the close is just beginning and I think he will do it to the shock and awe of all Obots.

Love or hate Sarah Palin (I happen to love her) she was a brilliant choice and she will be the reason McCain wins this election. A first for the VP, but definitely will up turnout and is resonating with American voters in the heartland.

The American people want politicians they can trust. What Sarah lacks in national political experience she makes up for in being on the right side of America and the American people. She will not make choices that will hurt or standing in the world.

I do not believe Barack Obama would intentionally do anything to hurt our standing in the world or bring harm to us -- but he is naive and because of this and his liberal view of the world at large -- he is bound to put us at risk both economically and internationally.

yikes said...

anonymous :

You don't seem to be aware that the mainstream media has taken unprecedented measures to put the best light on Obama and avoid discussion and indepth investigation into Obama's past.

The numbers have been tabulated several times throughout this campaign, and Obama gets twice as many positive mentions on tv as McCain.

The media is in the tank for McCain and some (like NBC) don't even try to hide it.

SO, is the public being misinformed about the candidates more than ever? YES.
Is that effecting the ability of voters to make informed decisions?
Of course - that's why they're doing it.

If the blogs didn't exist, and FOXNews & radio talk shows weren't around, we wouldn't hear ANYTHING negative about Obama on tv, and tv is where the vast majority of voters get their information. Talk radio and the blogs have functioned to 'police' and put some controls on what the msm says and can get away with, thank goodness. Though they can't stop the msm talking heads from having guests repeating lies night after night. (repeat something over & over until people believe its the truth)

When all 3 networks start talking about the number of Obama's pro-Palestinian/anti Iraeli friends and supporters, and that with the exception of 1 roommate he had at college they haven't been able to find a single friend of about the same age as Obama from those yrs, and they talking about the true character of his mentor and 'father figure' during his entire adolescence in Hawaii - in other words, when they start really telling the public who this guy is, then you can say that the public is being informed and not misinformed.

CIS said...
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Terry said...

Oh, I am aware of what the media is doing. But I also study the internal polls. The American people are catching onto the media -- especially the Hillary democrats. There are a lot more of them voting for McCain than you think. A lot more. The media is being called out on a daily basis here and people do not trust it like they used to. I have faith in the people. McCain may not win, but it will not even be close to a landslide and I still think McCain wins in the end.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Melanie Phillips for her statement - it is spot on.

The cause is that only a few know what Obama is really about - and that's because they are misinformed by the press.

The total failure of the press to do their jobs has allowed Obama to get this far.

I've finally found something more corrupt than our elected officials in Washington DC - it's the main street media, formerly known as the American Press.

I'm sure my rights such as free speech and firearm ownership will be taken away by this thug. If he wins, my first purchase will be a semi-auto pistol and shooting lessons.

It is a sure thing that the USA will be diminished as a country just like happened when Jimmy Carter was elected.

But I also fear that our country may not survive this arrogant, foolish, inexperienced and anti-capitalist thug.

God help us.