Wednesday, November 5, 2008

About to vomit

I think money can really buy elections for the most inexperienced idiot running for president of the United States after all. Fraudulent voters, radical thugs and money can get you a presidential suit in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave too. But I just feel like vomiting. It's apparent, as my fellow Canadian blogger Kathy has also mentioned, that many Americans in parasite states of America really want socialism and wealth re-distribution and it is okay for most of them to have a European style government which takes their freedoms and money away.

Only in America an inexperienced candidate who has been palling around with terrorists and felons can become the president. Weird, to say the least.

As a non voting non American citizen of this planet, I feel awful for those pro-America patriotic citizens of the United States who did their best to stop this Obamaniac fascist insanity. It's a horrible night and I am about to vomit as I am writing these lines because I sincerely didn't think that this once great nation could jump off the cliff but it did tonight. Tonight, America has joined the ranks of socialist countries like France, Canada, UK and Germany. I wish millions of patriotic Americans luck in their fight against the insanity of fascism and socialism led by an idiot called Hussein Obama.


Mehran said...

I feel exactly the same...words fail me. This is the Oprah-isation of America: emotional incontinence and self-indulgence rule, instead of reason and sound judgment.

After years of beating themselves up with the cry of 'Why do they hate us?' (like some morose Homer Simpson) the Americans have now decided to give the world what they think it wants.

'Will you please love us now? Look we've done what asked. We've elected some kid Senator with zero experience and a highly dubious background, solely because he's black.'

This Obama-mania hysteria that is sweeping the world, reminds me very much of another hysterical episode, involving another messianic figure, when people lost all sense of proportion and critical judgment and let raw emotion rule their heads.

I'm talking about Khomeini's vile revolution 30 years ago, but I could just as well be talking about Germans in 1933 and the rise to power of Adolf Hitler. Admittedly Obama is no Hitler, but the madness of the crowd and the misplaced hope and euphoria is the same.

What a sad day it is today...

Terry said...

Well, Winston. We did what I thought we would never do, but alas -- Republicans are already plotting. Perhaps some purging needed to occur. In two years we will do to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid what we did to Bill Clinton's majority in 1994. Clinton has a DISASTROUS first two years in office -- and I predict Obama's will be no better. However, I am patriotic enough to accept him has my president and HOPE he governs from the center like he said in his campaign. He won over 50%, but it is not a mandate -- this country is divided. He has not united us ... at least not yet. His congress never well -- so it is entirely up to him. I pray for our country -- and hope we can bring back some sense in just two short years. It was the democrats night, and they should be proud, I am just not sure the change will be exactly what they wanted. But, we'll see.

Jungle Mom said...

Me too.

Thermblog said...

Now that it's happened I think it's probably a good thing. The poisonous alliance between the left and the media is so extreme that McCain would only have been able to keep their worst excesses in check and the anti-conservative hatred would have continued to grow.

Now they have it all and they will be judged. They will screw up but at least there should be breathing room afterwards (if there is an afterwards) to clean it up.

Anonymous said...

A dark, dark night indeed.

Vomit? How about heart attack?This man with no discernible accomplishments or experience will soon be head of the armed forces of America.

He literally just walked from the streets of Chicago right on into the White House. How does this happen?

George Soros anybody? Corrupt media?
Soros owns both as well as the Democratic party. One world, one language, one money, here we come.

Well, at least I don't have to tell my kids to work hard anymore!

Anonymous said...

Mehran said...

Here's a link for you called, appropriately enough, Obama - Snake Oil Salesman:

Anonymous said...

It seems thoes of us who saw how Socialist-Communists sold the country to Islamist are the only ones who can see what is awaiting America. We see all thoes young stupid Americans who know nothing about the world or life in general doing the same thing that our generation of young ignorant Iranians did to our own country and we can see where the Domocrats are leading this country to. history repeats itself. Now where are these idealistic Americans going to escape to after they destroy their country ? For Iranian Socialists and Communists there was an America, Europe and Canada.