Sunday, November 2, 2008

US bound

I am sorry for not blogging as often as I used to. The fact of the matter is that I am south of the border watching this ever important election up close and personal. Been hassling people and talking to mostly liberals about the facts on the ground. Many here are hopeful that Senator McCain is going to win and I hope they're right. I will try to blog more often.


Paras2 said...
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Mehran said...

Oh Winston, I hope you're right but I'm getting increasingly despondent at the prospect of a President McCain.

Obama the Messiah is riding a wave of public adulation that will, I fear, carry him to the White House. His support is not confined to the usual smelly liberals (of both American and European variety), or the Islamists, but he's even managed to bag such big former Bush supporters as Andrew Sullivan and Christopher Hitchens.

I absolutely and utterly fail to see the appeal of this bland, inexperienced, self-serving, lying, two-faced little Senator, but whatever it is it seems to have beguiled whole sections of the population.

In a way, though, I would love to see him elected only to see the faces of those silly liberals after they discover what their messiah is REALLY like.

Oh, boy how I would enjoy that!

chester said...

You're here for a pivotal election.
Let's hope it goes our way and not the other.

سهیل said...

وینستون جان من هم کلا به امید پیروزی جان مک کین هستم.

ولی اگر این چیزهایی که در مورد اوباما گفته میشه که میتونه وضع اقتصاد آمریکا رو بهبود بده اگر درست از آب در بیاد من زیاد مخالف اوباما نیستم چون اگر دقت کنی اگرچه بیل کلینتون خیری برای ایران نداشت ولی بخش بزرگی از قدرت اقتصادی فعلی آمریکا مربوط به رشد زمان کلینتون هست.

به هر حال من فکر میکنم اگر مک کین رئیس جمهور نشه و خیری به ایران نرسه اگر اوباما بتونه اقتصاد آمریکا رو سر و سامون بده میتونه به نفع آینده آمریکاو آینده روشنتر برای دموکراسی در دنیا باشه.