Saturday, November 15, 2008

Israel to O: Not Welcome

My guess is that the Israelis know the true anti-Israeli nature of Sen. Hussein Obama better than any one else so they've already asked him to stay away from the Israeli-Palestinian issues:
    "You don't need now to do nothing dramatic about it. The situation is calm. We have these peace talks."
Expect 4 years of humiliation and sadness for the United States around the world. Four years in which even the US allies won't welcome and trust the United States leadership and judgment. Hussein O had told us he'll make the US look better around the world but thus far he's got every one worried especially those whose lives depend on America's global leadership.


Jacob said...

nice post

FifthOrder said...

I think it's interesting how they "asked him to stay away from Israel-Palestinian issues" Because their peace talks are progressing so well after all. Furthermore the mere fact that Israel is no more than an oppressive, western stylized nation that enjoys torture, "work" camps and total dictatorship over a people who had lived there much longer than the current Israelis. it's just interesting is all i guess, also disappointing that you think the way you do.

Louise said...

Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth. His actions may, hopefully, conform to the sensible side, rather than the pandering side. He seems like a very intelligent man in some ways, even though he has promised the stars and the moon to everyone.