Friday, November 14, 2008

Rise up, already!

Recent photos from the anti-riot drills taking place in Tehran show how regime is trying to scare the public. here


Anonymous said...

sorry to say that there is no hoop for iran, they said his majestys SAVAK was sceary, let me tell u, this mother fuckers are sceary tell me how should poor defenseless pepole faceing this fucking ass hols.

Sohrab said...

The IRI has a powerful internal security apparatus. But no security apparatus can stand up to the power of millions of ordinary filling the streets, workers going on strike, businesses shutting down - not for very long anyway. It's just a matter of the Iranian people finding the political will.

Plus, who knows how many of these police, "komite-i's," etc. are actually discontented and just waiting to turn on the regime? As oil prices dip, it may be much harder to fund such forces.