Thursday, December 18, 2008

Israel can help

A former Israeli general says that his country can't destroy Iranian regime's nuclear program through aerial bombing. Well, I have this to say to all concerned Israelis that read my blog: Why don't you ask your government to give the Iranian people a hand in doing the job you seem not to be able to do? Which one is more costly? A regime change or days of bombing and war?

I totally agree that it will take days for Israeli air force to destroy the entire Iranian regime nuclear facilities due to their location and the distance between the two countries. However, the best course of action for the Jewish state would be to extend a hand of assistance to the Iranian people and help us defeat this monstrous regime once and for all. Bombing will only solve the problem for a very short time, then what?! A regime change in Iran will bring Israel peace and security when the primary state that sponsors its enemies, Hamas & Hezballah, is gone. Think about it, Israelites.


Azarmehr said...

If they just close down all the infrastructure that the Islamic Republic has been building in the West, the schools, the mosques, the charities, 'cultural centres', tv and radio stations etc. that alone will give the Iranian people the impression that hey IRI's time is up. This is important to the Iranian psychology and the increased confidence will tip the balance.

By doing something like this, the West will also have some levers to negotiate with, for at the moment their options in negotiations with IRI is zilch and only give the impression that the world is ready to accomodate the mullah regime.

Winston said...

I think that's what Pres. Bush's government has been doing for the past 3 years like the Alavi foundation bldg being shut down yesterday in NYC. However, I am not sure if Hussein Obama will follow this good strategy. What I fear is that this idiot new president will give the Mullahs time to breath again.

Azarmehr said...

See below:

Asgarolladi claims after 4 years of sanctions, IRI's trade with US is worth 1 Billion Dolloars:

عسگراولادي: با آمريکا يک ميليارد
دلار تجارت داريم

ايلنا : رئيس اتاق بازرگاني ايران و چين گفت: در حال حاضر به طور مستقيم و غير مستقيم همکاري اقتصادي ما با آمريکا به يک ميليارد دلار رسيده است، اين در حالي است که حدود چهار سال است که ما در تحريم به سر مي‌‏بريم.
به گزارش ايلنا، وي در همايش «هنگ‌‏کنگ دروازه ورود به چين» سخن مي‌‏گفت، با تأکيد بر لزوم تلاش براي توسعه روابط اقتصادي ميان ايران و هنگ‌‏کنگ تصريح کرد: زمينه‌‏هاي همکاري مشترک ميان دو کشور در زمينه‌‏هاي انرژي، توريسم، راه‌‏سازي، صنايع کوچک و متوسط، پالايشگاه و... وجود دارد.
وي افزود: سرمايه‌‏گذاري‌‏هاي مشترک ابزارهايي هستند که ما را به هدف مي‌‏رسانند و ما به عنوان بخش خصوصي آماده هرگونه همکاري با هنگ‌‏کنگ هستيم.

Winston said...

Direct and Indirect trade? I'd like to know if this idiot considers the tariff on passenger's luggages and souvenirs as the real commerce/trade between Iran and the US too?

Louise said...

O/T Winston, are you registered with MemriTV?

There's an interesting clip:

Winston said...

I am not registered with Memri TV but I watch their clips from time to time. Thnx

Anonymous said...

yochanan of LGF
I think both things will have to be done, if the mullahs weren't trying to get a nuke to create there world war to bring the hidden iman than the slower aproach might be the route to take but sadly I don't think we have that long. Which may force the military one. even if it is only good for the short term

Hossein said...

"Why don't you ask your government to give the Iranian people a hand in doing the job you seem not to be able to do?"

I find it laughable that you think the Iranian people would be willing to help Israel to overthrow their own government. It's true that the Iranians have no love for their theocratic regime, however, make no mistake about it, they are very proud and nationalists. An Israeli attack against Iran will only unite the Iranians behind their own government without any political considerations and turn them against Israel. How do I know this? I'm an Iranian and having lived through Iran-Iraq war, I know full well that nationalism can be a force to be reckoned with and such force can serve as a powerful ally for the theocratic regime. You, as an Iranian, should know better than that.