Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Youtube Generation

Guess who in Iran hates the regime and its ugly symbols more than any one else? Yeah, you guessed it right, it's the Youtube generation that sincerely hates this monstrous Islamic regime. They hate the regime because they realize that this criminal regime has blocked their way to prosperity, civilization and modernity. This generation should be supported because it is the only entity that can force any change in Iran:
    Obama says the U.S. should engage Iran. As one of our friends points out, "He has a choice: Engage with what Larijani represents, or engage with the generation of that student."

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Sohrab said...

My optimistic prediction:

It may not come as a form of a swift regime change (the way you and I would like it) - but I doubt this regime will survive the first two-three decades of the 21st century. And it's all because of simple generational demographics.