Sunday, December 14, 2008

No Change!

That's not a shock to me to hear a high ranking US official saying that his government is not trying to change the regime in Iran:
    Gates said a change of behaviour, rather than a regime change, was sought from Tehran. Nobody is after a regime change in Iran, he said. What we are after is a change in policies and a change in behaviour so that Iran becomes a good neighbour of people in the region (rather) than a source of instability and violence.
Good luck with that Secretary Gates. And I really hope leftie moonbats are now clear about the fact that the US has never sought ANY regime change in Iran. I wish they did though but it is just a myth and has always been one.

My own views on "Behavior Therapy".

And also there's a good speech by Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi on Regime Change or Behavior Change:
    "Those in Foggy Bottom who think they can make Ahmadinejad feel isolated simply cannot see the world through his eyes. Even if he felt isolated, it is doubtful he would change his behavior. Even the threat of force is not enough to sway someone whose deepest beliefs welcome Armageddon – to expedite the return of the twelfth Imam, his messiah!"
Any body listening?


Yikes said...

A good neighbor to people in the region, but oppressive murderers to their own people.
That makes sense............NOT!

Azarmehr said...

This is what happens when policymakers are influenced by think thank units which are run by academics who just read books and have no contact with the civil movement activists.
The US think tanks have confused the hell out of these policy makers and secretaries.