Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dumbass President

Islamic regime's thug in chief Ahmadinjihad has suggessted the re-location of the UN and he's ready to move it to a better place. First of all, I'd say let's give the useless UN to this dumbass moron for good. Let them have it. Second of all, his laughable comments show how far removed he is from the realities of the international order and how criminals like him and his cronies have no clue about the facts of our world. He just opens up his dirty mouth and says whatever his small brain cells produce. Look at this one:
    "The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to allocate a suitable place for the United Nation headquarters"
Or look at this one:
    "UNSC has been turned into a tool in the hands of the U.S. to pursue its goals"
I wish the UNSC was really a tool of the USA. Trust me, the world would be a better and safer place if that was the case. Though this clueless SOB doesn't seem to get upset when Ruskies and Chinese Commies block the UNSC resolutions against his own regime. It's an American Zionist tool if it doesn't condemn the Jews but it is not a Zionists' crap any more when resolution after resolution is blocked by their Chinese allies. This idiot has an IQ of 75, IMO. I think it is only fair if we give him the keys to the UN. Why not!?


carousel said...

He is a bit dumb as it wouldn't change the voting blocs. The Useless Nations should be wholesale ditched. They have contributed to the current war in Gaza (and elsewhere) and only have themselves to blame. I swear they are actively helping the thugs and terrorists.

Jungle Mom said...

I agree, let them have the UN. Chavez has also suggested the UN be moved to Caracas. Take it, it's all yours!

Don Meaker said...

I would suggest a new organization of Free Republics with Limited Powers (FRLP). It would have a bicameral legislature with the number of representitives in one house proportional to GDP, the other proportional to Population. The member state legislatures would elect representatives to the population body, and proxies would be gathered to vote for the GDP body. The FRLP would conduct audits of member governments, guarantee individual rights. Members governments would pay a fee to join, and a second fee to remain a member each year. Member states would gain trade and defense advantages.

Winston said...

Don, how about monarchies? England or Denmark and Japan for example? LoL.

Jungle Mom said...

I quoted your 'tweet' in my post today.

Rosemary said...

78??? You give him more credit than I do. lol