Thursday, January 8, 2009

Iran's Client

The speaker of the Iranian regime assembly meets with Hamas thug in Syria and I wonder why. It's clear to every one that Hamas is an agent of the Iranian clerical establishment. The root cause of all problems in the middle-east is the current Iranian regime. Don't believe me? Then read this informative article on WSJ which explains it all. Honestly, I am freaking happy that 1- Hamas is being decimated 2- the world's attention is back to the source of the problem aka Iran. It's great to see that every one now blames the Mullahs of Iran for the Gaza conflict. Works for me!


Mehran said...

Just listened to The Economist's podcast of an interview with Rami Khouri, who's some Palestinian lecturer in the American University in Beirut (and speaks with an American accent), saying it was a mistake to say Iran was directly behind Hamas. It was not a 'structural' support that the Iranians were giving Hamas, but more of a 'strategic alliance'. If you say so, dear.

But then the guy IS Palestinian.

Winston said...

Mehran jaan, to people like this idiot Islamic terrorism funded by Iran and executed by his co-religionists in the region is of strategic alliance. These people are mentally and historically sick and twisted

Mehran said...

On the other hand, here is Amir Taheri (one of the most courageous and principled journalists around - and heaven knows there aren't very many of those, most having prostituted themselves to the mullahs long ago) in today's Times of London:

Now THIS is the real story, not that 'root causes' rubbish promulgated by pimps like that Palestinian lecturer (see above).