Thursday, February 5, 2009

Azarmehr's father

I was notified that my UK based fellow blogger Azarmehr has lost his dear father. I would like to extend my condolences to him in Britain and to his family back in Iran.

متاسفانه به نظر میرسد که پدر دوست عزیز و وطندوستم "پتکین اذرمهر" درگذشته اند. بدینوسیله به خانواده این عزیز تسلیت عرض میکنم و امیدوارم که ما رو هم در غم و اندوه از دست دادن پدر خود شریک بدانند


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear it

Azarmehr said...

Thank you Winston, your kind messages were very comforting for me and I received many more messages after people found out about it on your site. It really did help. Thanks again.

Winston said...

My pleasure, my friend. I am glad I could help a little. Again, accept my condolences for your loss