Thursday, February 5, 2009

Canada's action on Iran

Former Canadian justice minister wants to prosecute the Iranian regime for their non-stop efforts to incite genocide and hatred:
    "The two great lessons provided by genocides during the last 60 years - Rwanda and the Balkans - was that they occurred not just because of the machinery of death but because the state taught incitement, hatred and contempt,"
That's true. This process of injecting hatred into the Iranian society began right after the Islamic revolt of 1979 and the regime's propaganda to portray America and Israel as evil has been successful among less educated people of the country.


IvanTheHorrible said...

The former Justice Minster had precious little to say about any of this when he was Justice Minister.

In fact this guy is the genius who proposed banning El-Al from Canada when a plot to shoot down an El-Al airliner was discovered in Toronto.

Cotler is a Liberal Party Ass-Clown.

Winston said...

I think when dinnerjacket was appointed as the president of Iran, Minister Cotler was out of government but yes I agree with you on most of it.

Anonymous said...

oh don't bether about former minister and his wishes. more important is that Turkish and spanian court have actually opened probe over Israel over Gaza war crimes!

Winston said...

Turkish and spanian* courts can kiss my butt.

*Spanish, not spanian. Attend some ESL classes if there's any in your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

oh, thank you for advice, mr PERFECT