Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Islamic Terrorists

The Iranian regime has never tried to hide its support for terrorist groups around the world and these photos are the proof of that. These recent pictures are clear in showing the regime's support for Hamas thugs. And the mad Mullahs are definitely proud of their murderous activities.


Sohrab said...

they like touching each other don't they?

Anonymous said...

that's BS

Winston said...

what's BS?

Anonymous said...

all that 'terrorist' talking is BS, that what it is. who is objective and smart enough to tell who's a terrorist and who's not? you? no. american president? don't think so. for instance, many people all around the world see israeli leaders as kind of terrorists after the last gaza massacre, but i bet you don't agree with them. so who's right?

iran may and will support hamas and hezbollah but that issue is a very complex and there's a lot of motives behind it.

as for 'mad' mullahs...you have no idea what you're talking about. what makes them mad again? that's just another BS.