Sunday, February 1, 2009

Iraq; Peace at last

Despite the Leftie MSM ignoring the recent peaceful elections in Iraq, the people of that country held a very peaceful and free election over this weekend. That could not have happened without the brave efforts of the US & other coalition armed forces, of course. The violence is at all time low and the sacrifice of the people of Iraq and their coalition partners is paying off. Now democracy has gained a foot hold in the troubled region and it needs to be supported. A free and democratic Iraq can become an inspirational model for the oppressed people of Iran as well.

The future for the people of Iraq is bright and happy. The Iraqi youth won't be forced into military service to fight useless wars. There'll be no mass graves. The Iraqi Kurds won't be gassed any more and their dissidents won't be shot dead or exiled by the government. I truly envy them! I am hopeful that we can hold such peaceful and free elections in Iran one day. Congratulations to those who made this dream come true at last. Enjoy this freedom!

به ازادی و ارامشی که مردم عراق به سختی به ان دست یافتند غبطه میخورم. امیدوارم که روزی در ایران هم ازادی انتخاب و اراده مردم محترم شمرده بشه. به ملت رنجدیده عراق هم تبریک میگویم و از یاد نمیبرم که ازادی عراق از دست جنایتکاری مثل صدام بدون کمک ایالات متحده و بریتانیا میسر نبود


rachel said...

Thanks to President Bush and the best U.S. Military in history, who made it all possible. And they did it inspite of all the relentless roadblocks the Democrats and the Mainstream media put up against success in Iraq.

alison said...

Lovely post. Maybe I am too down on the situation. I see they are keeping their vote secular which is promising. So I really hope you are right. The British and US forces certainly did all they could and it is now incumbent on the young Iraqis to make a success of their new democracy - for themselves and to ensure that every life lost was lost for a decent future and some ME stability.

rachel said...

The Iraqis deserve kudos too. It took they way too long to see the light, but they eventually saw it and embraced the help we offered for a peaceful future. Let's hope Iran keeps their noses out of Iraq's business.

Anonymous said...

peace? you must be joking, by jupiter