Friday, February 20, 2009

An Intolerant Entity

Sufis came under assault when one of their holy sites was destroyed in central city of Isfahan late yesterday. No minority group is going to be safe in that country as long as this regime is around. The regime is one intolerant, criminal and non-reforming entity. It's a Mafia run entity and if you don't belong to the big family, then there's no room for you. In this case, Sufis are deemed as apostate and therefore they can not be tolerated.

What the Mullahs have done since 1979 is really comparable to what Nazis did back in 1930s-40s to their own minorities. We don't need to go that far when there was Saddam Hussein who killed his own people and filled mass graves across the country. The same story has been unfolding in Iran ever since these crazies seized power. The Jews, Christians, non practicing Muslims, Bahai's, Sufis and many other ethnic and religious minorities have suffered a great deal under this occupying regime. A regime change can put an end to this once and for all.

حتی دراویش هم از دست این رژیم جنایتکار اسلامی در اسایش نیستند. این حکومت پست فطرت هر انچه که فکر کنید بلا و بدبختی بر سر مردم ایران اورده و دنیا هم سکوت کرده. 30 سال هست که کرد، بلوچ و ترکمن، بهایی و یهودی همگی از دست این رژیم گرفتار بوده اند و این مصیبت انگار تمامی نداره.


Anonymous said...

regime change is the answer to this and many other problems

Azarmehr said...

Interesting that Seyyed Hussain Nasr who makes out to the Westerners he is some Sufi mystic, never speaks out against such attacks against Sufis in Iran!

Hazara said...

Try living as a Shi'a in northwestern Pakistan or in Afghanistan under the Taliban and come back to me, if you think Iran is the worst.